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Dec 18

Tree drawing – ancient and modern meanings in art

Nature in Painting

“Colourful Nature” in Painting                     by Sasikumar S

Do you enjoy relaxation outside? Who does not love him, you can answer! We understand you. Well, we suggest you to relax, get strength and energy in this section of the site, which is devoted to the tree painting. Freshness, purity of nature, the murmur of the stream and cool – that’s what awaits you in this journey. Not bad, really? Such an atmosphere you can create at home by purchasing for example cherry blossom painting. Do not be afraid that you will do something wrong because you are not a designer. Trust your taste and choose what you like. Good luck! But now we will tell you more about why the trees are such important symbol in art. Are you interested in?
Since the roots of a tree are in the ground, and the branches stretch to the sky, it is as a person. It is a reflection of “creature of two worlds” and the establishment located between the top and bottom.
Tree drawing  as a symbol of ancient people

        “The gold of Nature” by Afremov L.

n trees as a place of residence of supernatural beings (gods, the usual spirits) were not only valuable, but the tree was considered often as the axis of the world, around which the space is grouped. It grows in the center of the world and it is a pillar of heaven layers. One multicolored tree is growing in each of the four regions of the world. Such trees are considered to be as corner pillars of the sky.
The ancient Egyptians worshiped sycamore from which their goddess holds the souls of the deceased in the form of bird andgives restorative drink or food. That’s why the tree of life painting is also so popular and liked by people who appreciate the art and symbolism in artworks. In ancient China peach and mulberry trees were valuated, in the Celtic priests druids was oak, which is considered to be sacred one, as the personification of the god of thunder, and (the Greeks) king of the gods Zeus. Sacred trees of this kind, which are painted in tree painting, has a right on existence. Some of them exist partly in reality; some are partly idealized, and partly raised to a space character by almost all of ancient peoples. In Christian iconography, the tree is a symbol of life which is given by God, and the passage of its annual cycle indicates the life, death and resurrection, while barren or dead tree, on the other hand, is a symbol of sin.
Finally, the symbolism and the veneration of trees are firmly held in the minds of the rest of the ancient animism (primitive religion), where the trees are not just suppliers of wood, but also animate creatures, on which lived nymphs, and people treated the trees with a special feeling. This is indicated on the popularity of tree painting, which every person buys and hangs on the wall in the room to feel the connection with so amazing history. Nowadays we have one more symbol as the Christmas tree, which today is widely spread almost all over the world as a symbol of all the comforting green and rebirth.

Tree painting in modern interior

     “Original abstract art paintings” by Osnat

Finally finished the repairs? And living room certainly looks as good as new. Interior is considered and done great till the details, but some highlights are still not enough … Pictures! And know we will tell why tree drawing is the best solution.

Of course, you want to hang a beautiful painting on the wall. This is not surprising, because it is such an element of the décor which is the best complement the interior, making it more original and brings the room an extra comfort. Birch tree paintings in the interior of the living room play a key role in the creation of an organic environment.
So, let’s talk about how to choose the right place for painting in the living room. If the room is large and you need to decorate a blank wall, make it bright and cheerful, accent the room, the very best option is to hang three large paintings in a row. Today it also enjoys the placement on the wall a large number of small paintings, for example, pictures of trees.
Do not forget that with the help of pictures it can successfully structure the free space. So, if you hang a picture in the center of the wall, it is possible to emphasize the symmetry of the room interior. With a variety of pictures, living room can be divided into zones.
Pictures of different sizes can be placed at different levels. It will help to achieve the dynamics effect. Conversely, if you want to get static, just choose a picture of the same size and colors. Black and white or monochrome tree painting will emphasize strict business style of the room.

If you like the big picture, remember that it is better to hang it asymmetrically. It is also important to keep the distance between the pictures of trees. This will focus attention on a single picture. As for color pictures in the living room, then it should overlap with the color of the furniture. If the interior room is made with restraint, then the picture should not be too flashy.

Tree drawing –what does it mean?

                 “Morning in a pine forest”                                               by Ivan Shishkin

Tree painting is in great demand today. This is not surprise, because this theme is suitable for any room. In addition, there is a wide range of such pictures, so everyone can choose an item, which will meet the requirements and will be really awesome. Just try to choose tree painting in accordance with your preferences. It should also mention the fact that the trees are symbolic images. So, they have been considered as symbol of happiness, good health, wealth, family comfort for a long time. Therefore, the picture with the image of trees will not only be a beautiful decoration of your living room, but it also will create a good impression. Only you should decide for yourself, how your home and certain rooms will be decorated. But do not forget about the pictures that make your home more beautiful and more comfortable.


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