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Sep 18

Skyscraper city – visit new cities and have different feelings with such pictures!

Pictures of cities have one of the leading positions in the fine art. Why does it so? The process of urbanization and speeding up if the life in the end of 19 century rejoined and gave new ideas from the first point of view. From the other hand it made people to look for the exit from city jungle. And such solution was found, people and especially artists started to fix and paint the moment which is now and there. Do you remember? There is one moment between past and future, and it is called life! Tomorrow everything is able to be changed so we need to live now. Skyscraper city on the picture is that city which the artist wants us to see. It is a perception the picture of the city from the real model. If you travel a lot or want to do it in future, reproductions of city painting are the best variant for hanging on the walls in your home or office. Of course, such city drawings are like a stimulus for those people who want to see city sceneries by their own. Just imagine that you will take photos on those places, which are painted at the city drawings which are hanging on the walls of your room. What a wonderful stimulus, doesn’t it?

                       Skyscraper city. City painting in interior

     Depending on the technique which was used by the artist, there are special features, which can be followed to make the interior of the room perfect and cozier.

Bauhaus 70 x 120

                            «Bauhaus» 70 x 120 by Aron Kravits

City painting is so popular variant because many people really like this genre, because new places are always interesting and attractive. In most cases such pictures are chosen by people who like urbanization and megalopolises. Pictures which demonstrate evening cities are more popular, but there are also interesting variants in colorful and different cities. The image of any city gives the feeling of dynamisms and vivacity, that’s why they fit really great in living rooms.
Be sure that you will be pleased with such kind of pictures, which are always nice, intrigued and attractive. Paintings with cities can be a good present and a real great decoration which will make your room brighter. Having such sceneries at the working places, people notice, that they have some minutes for dreaming. In those moments they think about travelling, new visits and emotions. It influences well on the working process, and person starts to work harder to achieve the aims. Pictures of this category fit well with interior of any style or color.

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