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Dream catcher drawing is the best symbol of sweet dreams!

Dream catcher drawing is a real symbol and Indian talisman, which keeps sleeping people from malignant demons. Not kind and bad dreams are tangled in the web, but good and sweet dreams are getting closer and closer through this web. Such picture presents the item which is seems to be the web from threads and veins, which are tightened on the wooden circle. Also some plumes can be added to the threads to create the whole sense of picture. As a rule, such item of picture is hanged near the head of sleeping person. Dreamcatcher drawing has a sense of a filter, which gives the green light only for nice and pleasant dreams. It is believed that bad dreams break up with the first rays of the sun. Description of the picture The description of the picture which is called Dreamcatcher drawing is different, but there is the same thing which needs to be mentioned. Such picture was created by the impression, which was appeared after mythos of North American tribes. They thought that ideas and impressions about the dream catcher were based on the philosophy of bad and good side of every person’s life. It is considered to be

Pencil sketches as an art

Pencil sketches – history, general information and popular images! Pencil art is a technique of pencil drawings. It can be used a simple (it means a black pencil) to perform black-and-white work, and colored pencils for color pencil art. Depending on the softness (hardness) of a pencil, different drawings of perception are obtained. Pencil drawings are made by following certain rules and they must express the semantic relationship between the depicted object. Always people have tried to draw the figures by using various adaptations. The first pencil was used in the 14th century, when it had the appearance of a simple bar of lead with tin or zinc. The epoch of sketch art was started. Drawings which were painted by them were short-lived and easily erased using pumice or ordinary piece of bread. Besides the usual pencil pieces of clay, pointed sticks, various stones, charcoal and other material were used for sketch art. Pencil art. First graphite pencil After the discovery the properties of graphite other devices for drawings receded into the background. Bar of graphite by nature is and grade of material, so artists have to contrive every way: winding bar with different cloth or coat it with clay.

Eagle drawings

Eagle drawings – have the symbol of power and strength!   Do you want to have the powerful and unique picture in your house? Eagles are sly kings and the emblems of the characters which embody strength, power and might. Severe look of a predator, sharp claws and beak, huge wings and a strict suit of feathers, it is difficult to imagine more appropriate symbols of masculinity in the house. Eagle drawings will become the spiritual center of the classic cabinet, hunting lodge or grand hall in the gothic style. Freedom-loving disposition and keen mind of these majestic birds explain the irresistible appeal and fiery energy of eagle drawings. Under the imperious look of the predator it is easily to overcome the difficulties and obstacles, to step over the weaknesses and petty feelings, entering into the world of real men’s game and passion. Do you know that in Slavic mythology eagles are especially appreciated bird? If a lion is the king of mammals, the eagle is the king of birds which is often mentioned in pretty paintings. It is not all the facts about such creatures! One of the eagle drawings is represented by the works of artist of the

Surrealism art – history, basis and modern representor

About surrealism art Surrealism is a special period in cinema, literature and, of course, painting. It was formed in France in 1924. It is believed that it stopped its existence in 1969. This trend has had a significant impact on the formation of human consciousness. The main representatives of this kind of art are considered to be Salvador Dali, Louis Aragon, Joan Miro, Andre Breton, Luis Bunuel. Originating as a literary movement, surrealism received the status of a particular movement in contemporary art as a whole one. Followers of surrealism did not plan to create a school or direction. They sought to implement a “global revolutionary project” that applies to all spheres of thought and action. Surrealism was supposed to be a new way of consciousness. The direction has experienced several public crises and the Second World war. Gradually penetrating into public culture, surrealism became a component of postmodernism. Apollinaire (French poet) called his works, in which disconnected human feelings were shown that they represent something more than reality. So he explained what surrealism is in such a way. Later, André Breton used the term. He published the magazine of surrealism in Paris, it published his concept as a new direction

An Elephant Drawing that Takes You Away on Safari

Have you ever seen an elephant? Your answer will probably be positive even if you’ve never been to Africa; at least you’ve seen some pics of this animal. The picture takes you far away to the place where you can no longer see skyscrapers with cold silvery fronts or crowded streets with never-ending lines of cars. This elephant artwork is a doorway to a completely different world; a place you’ve never been to before, and even haven’t seen in the pics, but once you get there, you can’t get rid of a feeling that you have come home. The mysterious beauty of the nature captures your soul and evokes the deepest underlying instincts. Everyone knows that civilization is good, but the one who have ever experienced the primitive grandeur of the continent of Africa is tempted to never come back to a civilized world. And this elephant canvas just doesn’t let you back. You go far away together with the animals, to the place where the sun sets and night enfolds the day. The majesty of the sunset fills your mind with the most beautiful dreams. Any of pics can’t produce such an impression. The description of an elephant artwork