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Experience a Metamorphosis with a Butterfly Painting

They say, art is long and life is short. It is really so. Just ask a butterfly. But despite its short vital cycle, a butterfly manages to accomplish quite a lot: to inspire and frighten, to become a foreboding and a muse. Observing this tiny creature we unwillingly start thinking about the most significant issues in our lives, like the transience of the world, life, death and changes. Small wonder, that there exists a real epoch of butterfly paintings in the history of art. Butterflies have captured attention of artists all over the world due to their ethereal beauty as well as the symbolism attributed to these insects. Their perception in different cultures is diverse and it undoubtedly has an impact on the way artists depict them. Sometimes such animals are viewed as symbols of elegance, soul or celebration and sometimes as symbols of death, vulnerability and transition. Painters try to penetrate into an unknown world of the “self-propelled flowers” and understand their nature because they subconsciously feel we are all butterflies with the world being our chrysalis. Painting is probably the best way to render the essence of this creature, because in its short and silent life color is […]

Tree drawing – ancient and modern meanings in art

Nature in Painting Do you enjoy relaxation outside? Who does not love him, you can answer! We understand you. Well, we suggest you to relax, get strength and energy in this section of the site, which is devoted to the tree painting. Freshness, purity of nature, the murmur of the stream and cool – that’s what awaits you in this journey. Not bad, really? Such an atmosphere you can create at home by purchasing for example cherry blossom painting. Do not be afraid that you will do something wrong because you are not a designer. Trust your taste and choose what you like. Good luck! But now we will tell you more about why the trees are such important symbol in art. Are you interested in? Since the roots of a tree are in the ground, and the branches stretch to the sky, it is as a person. It is a reflection of “creature of two worlds” and the establishment located between the top and bottom. Tree drawing  as a symbol of ancient people n trees as a place of residence of supernatural beings (gods, the usual spirits) were not only valuable, but the tree was considered often as the axis […]

Drawings of flowers – the meaning and tips for using them in interior

                                                       The symbolic value of the color patterns In this article we want to talk about the symbolic significance of drawings of flowers. In life we are surrounded by flowers like irises and others almost always and everywhere. Even if you are not fond of floriculture and watercolor art, and there are no fresh flowers in your apartment. It can be a calendar on the wall with photos of high quality in which fresh and beautiful drawings of flowers are used. It can be for example, drawings of roses, pictures of sunflowers, tapestry, embroidery or any other artwork of watercolor art, but you never know that. But every item and every painting have its own energy which is too good and influences on people’ activity well. For example, if you are single and want to meet a passionate love, then the best and the most famous symbol in this case is peony. This flower will attract the love and happiness into our private life. But it is desirable that two flowers should be painted […]