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Landscape pictures – drawings of nature.

Landscape pictures – be in harmony with the nature! To list the great artists and their works is a long and difficult process. All of them deserve to be called the best, unique and majestic. All pictures of nature allow people to feel the peace of mind and generosity, as well as to find a lot of new energy and inspiration for their activities. Landscape pictures have always been popular among people who have no relation to art. After all, a picture in which the artist depicted the painting of nature is so good and fit great into any decor! In ancient times people hung carpets on the walls to enjoy the views of nature and knightly valor of soldiers. Those days are in the past, but we still want to see the beauty and not only within the walls of museums. Nature in the pictures is able to make the room interior brighter, to give a certain charm to the atmosphere. Every person is able to decorate the walls of his/her homes not just with wallpaper, but with hanging the pictures of nature and still life art. The weather does not spoil us with the abundance of bright colors.

Skyscraper city – visit new cities and have different feelings with such pictures!

Pictures of cities have one of the leading positions in the fine art. Why does it so? The process of urbanization and speeding up if the life in the end of 19 century rejoined and gave new ideas from the first point of view. From the other hand it made people to look for the exit from city jungle. And such solution was found, people and especially artists started to fix and paint the moment which is now and there. Do you remember? There is one moment between past and future, and it is called life! Tomorrow everything is able to be changed so we need to live now. Skyscraper city on the picture is that city which the artist wants us to see. It is a perception the picture of the city from the real model. If you travel a lot or want to do it in future, reproductions of city painting are the best variant for hanging on the walls in your home or office. Of course, such city drawings are like a stimulus for those people who want to see city sceneries by their own. Just imagine that you will take photos on those places, which are

Pastel painting – tips, kinds and general information

Pastel painting (pastel in French, and pastello in Italian language, is derived by the word of the pasta – the dough) is the image of dry, soft, colored pencils which are rimless. The term “pastel” is also used to refer the painting or drawing technique and works which are executed in this technique. Pastel painting is really beautiful by itself. From the other painting techniques it differs with the exceptional clarity and color intensity, soft, velvety matte paint film surface. More resistant to light than, for example, watercolor or oil painting flowers, it does not lose its qualities for centuries. In the museums of the world near the yellowed, darkened by time oil paintings, you can see any old pastel painting, retained a surprising freshness of colors. The main purpose of pastel is that it is alive, quick and thumbnail sketches. The combination of the speed of the stroke which is characteristic pattern with a wealth of artistic resources which are available to the painting, pastel allows the artist to express adequately the nature of the portrait, form and color. Basically, this technique is preferred by those masters, for whom it is important as accurately as possible to convey the

Gouache painting – types, properties and important tips

Gouache painting Have you ever seen excellent gouache painting of famous artist? Or maybe you even want to try yourself and to create some paintings? Most of us are accustomed to apply to gouache lightly. It is believed that this material is only suitable for the decoration the works and children’s creativity and to consider it as a serious material for painting can’t be normal. Although in the Middle Ages in Europe, this material was widely used in the writing of the thumbnails, not just for the preparatory and sketch works. In Russia, in the late 19th and early 20th century, gouache was used for creating major works of easel painting. It was the period of development and establishment of gouache. Artists who could deal with this “not serious” material created wonderful, elegant, unique, velvety artworks. Particularly remarkable, that using gouache, it manages to convey a unique atmosphere of dusk and dawn misty landscapes. In principle, gouache – is an opaque watercolor. To work with gouache it has no need for special thinners and drying accelerators, like when working with oil. Drawing with gouache, there is no need to think about the different aids (such as drying retarders, modeling pastes,

Canvas pop

Canvas pop – general information and tips for decoration the interior Style Pop art emerged in 50-70 years of XX century in the interior in England and then became widespread throughout the world. Brash, bright, shocking, expand the framework – it was created as a protest against prosperous conservatism and modernism which were popular in the interior at the time. Title of this popular art speaks about itself. There is another version of the title of this style, but nevertheless it is bright, unusual and amazing. The distinctive features of the style are an abundance of bright, even acid colors, the use of decoration and prints, collages, images of famous personalities on canvas, recognizable elements of advertising and other media products. More often non-residential premises were decorated with pop art paintings. This is a favorite style of the world designers to create a modern style of living and interior bar, restaurant, fashion shop, night club, an art gallery or exhibition of contemporary art. Popular art is used for living premises, the best style is revealed in the presence of a sufficient amount of space. As for pop art an abundance of bright colors is characterized, in a small room or apartment