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Art websites which offer a lot of luxurious variants! What an amazing art we can look at, enjoy and even have in our houses, restaurants, shops and, of course, world museums and galleries! There are so many beautiful and unique paintings in the world that we can’t imagine about their existence. Nevertheless, there are also many websites which can give an opportunity to purchase really wonderful pictures and have them in your private collection. Our activity is also oriented on this field and we help to sell paintings online. If you want to buy any item from those ones which are represented on the catalog of any of resources, just contact the manager to discuss all the details. Pictures are the most common decoration in the house. Landscapes and still life paintings, portraits and abstract subjects – all they create a special energy in the house. Some pictures make people to think about important things in live and relax, others help to invigorate make the mood better. Therefore, it is required to have special attitude and choose the artwork very carefully. Anyway if you want to buy any item from amazing art, it is better to look as more sources

Charcoal painting

                                               Charcoal painting – know about main techniques! One of the most popular materials for the drawing is charcoal. It is used to create drawings, sketches and preparatory drawings. Often artists use such technique to create easel works of independent value. For example, it can be said about the series of panels “Hiroshima” of Japanese artist Toshiko Akamatsu and Iri Maruki, who were awarded with World Peace Council Prize. The main part of these panels is made with charcoal; few panels are made with coal, which is combined with gouache and ink. The popularity of this material is not accidental. Charcoal combines the advantages of several different materials. With the help of sharpened charcoal very thin “pencil” line can be done, and at the same time, charcoal which is put on edge giving a picturesque “smear”. The richness of tons of charcoal almost surpasses all other scenic materials in all gradations of tone scale. It can be from the air gray to the deepest black one. Every tone differs with beauty and velvety of the color. Charcoal is

Acrylic art

Acrylic art, kinds and tips for beginners! Acrylic paints can be used in different ways, from the creation of unusual and remarkable effects in watercolor painting to heavy layered and textured pictures. Working process with acrylic offers a wide range of features and options. Many different materials can be mixed with the acrylic to create a unique texture and surface. To improve the acrylic art and to create new amazing unexpected effects artist can mix both well-known materials and test new completely unusual applying the whole range of ingenious features. About acrylic art in general – its history and kinds The richness of plastic and scenic features of acrylic paints can be traced in large-scale and expressive canvases of the artists and innovator Morris Louis (1912-1962), Andy Warhol (1928-1987) who worked in the style of pop art in the 1960s, symbolic works of David Hockney (1937) and later psychological compositions of Paula Rego (1935). Acrylic resinous substances were obtained in Germany in the beginning of 20th century and developed in the US by «Rohm and Haas» at the end of the 1920s. Discovered method resins with organic solvents breeding led to the invention of acrylic paints. By the end of

Abstract art – just look and feel it!

What is abstract art? Abstract is a style or movement in art. Abstract art or abstract genre involves a rejection of images of real things and forms. Abstractionism aims to cause certain emotions and associations. For these purposes, painting in abstract style, trying to express the harmony of colors, forms, lines, spots and so on. All shapes and color combinations that are in the perimeter of the image, have the idea, its expression and meaning. No matter how it seemed to the viewer looking at the contemporary painting where the lines and smudges, all in the abstract subject to certain rules of expression. Today, the abstraction is so wide and varied that it is divided into many types, styles and genres. Each artist or group of abstract artists try to create something different, something special, which would be the best way to reach the feelings and sensations of the person. To achieve this without the use of recognizable figures and objects is very difficult. For this reason, abstract painting that really evokes a special feeling and make you marvel at the beauty and expressiveness of abstract compositions deserve a lot of respect, and the artist considered to be a genius

Simple paintings

Simple paintings – practical accepting and interesting facts Monochromatic art is one of the unique phenomena. A lot of works and researches are devoted to this, but often it is considered as a thing which is rather conventional, and sometimes even decorative. This is not true. The spiritual world of the artist is full of ideas, and he/she tales care not so much about the aesthetic component, but about the spiritual one. Such kind of art is a synthesis of external and internal, explicit and implicit. In this article we would like to pay attention not to the history of monochrome painting, but its essence. So it will be discussed. What we see in monochrome paintings is a result of the interaction of the artist with the basic triad: paper, brush, ink. It’s simple. Therefore, to understand the work correctly, it is necessary to understand the artist and his attitude to pen and ink drawings. Paper for artists is not just improvised material, which they submit for a whim, but rather the opposite – it’s a “brother”, and therefore the attitude to it has developed in appropriate way. The paper is part of the natural environment, and people have always