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Tree of life drawing remains us about the harmony in our lives

Tree of life art is famous direction in fine art. Just a title of this drawing creates the great amount of emotions in spite of its interpretation. It can be Bible tree of life, which is a symbol of the highest wisdom and intelligence, as well as simple genealogic tree, using it, every person has met at least once. Such painting is like a way which is consists of many paths, almost with stones. This way leads to the true aim, and it can’t be easy or direct. Eternity and endlessness are represented here like different spirals of tree. Fans of tree of life art saw geometrical figures in this painting and they were argued about it. But it is believed that such figures are represented like male and female signs. Drawing which is made in tree of life art remains about the continuity of life and death, about their unity as the conditions for the existence of true harmony.

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