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Raven drawing – what it means in art?

There are many opinions and suggestions about the raven drawing, which is so popular and attractive for people who like art. Raven is in folk performances impure and sinister bird. Like other birds of this family they are united by similar beliefs and names. Crow, raven and other ones are collecting names of all the birds in general. It lives a hundred or three hundred years, and owns the mysteries: predicts death, attack of enemies, in the epics it gives advice to heroes, in the tales points the way to buried treasures, in the songs it brings to mother news about the death of her son. Black crow should be attributed to one of the most controversial characters, and of course, such raven drawing is in the same situation. For the majority of the peoples of Asia, Africa and America, it served as a solar sign, the symbol of wisdom, longevity, insight and foresight. In ancient Rome, the crow was the incarnation of hope, but in China and Japan it was the emblem of family love. As for the peoples of Europe, crow drawing is regarded as the most black raven sinister bird allegory of evil, as a symbol of war and death.
Sometimes on crow drawing this bird appears in the role of a messenger and herald of sun gods (Apollo, Mithras, etc.) and the symbol of the sun. In fine arts of the Renaissance raven drawing was among the attributes which personified hope, because in its croaking Romans heard the Latin word «cras» (which means “tomorrow”). So every crow drawing has its own situation and every person should decide what is important for him/her.

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