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Flame drawing makes us to think about eternity!
There are some things which we can look at endlessly and one of them is burning fire. It gave life to people, but it can also take it back, that’s why people must keep themselves from this element. In history of humanity many magical rituals are related with the fire, so it also is mentioned by artists in their paintings. By the way, nowadays there are many symbols and memorial places, where different monuments with fire are set up. And it outlines one more time that this element is so important and appreciated by people. Flame drawing has a lot of symbols, but sometimes it is just for people to make them calm and allow thinking about the eternity. This element is always used in paintings, and not everyone knows what it really means.

What does the burning fire mean?

There are many pictures, in which burning fire is painted and sometimes there are no other elements. Artists tried to paint it differently, but they want to outline for us the same things. Which ones? Firstly, burning fire is the symbol of light, which scatters the darkness as in the night, as in the people souls. On the other hand, this symbol means the comfort, calmness and cozy atmosphere in the house. The smell of delicious food is also work of the fire. This element was needed to people in the past, when there were no weapons and people tried to keep themselves with the fire from animals. An uncontrolled burning fire can symbolize a terrible disaster, the destruction of the whole animal world because of fire in the forest, or destruction of property and loss of life. Fire is the only element which lasts up, all the rest are influenced by gravity. Reading prayers, people also stay in the church with the burning candle in their hands. That’s why it is said that prayers go to God with the burning fire.
Fire is our friend; it helps people at any time. But when it goes out of control, it can be real disaster. And sometimes artists want us to remember about this. Flame drawing is one of the serious category of pictures, because almost every item make people to think a lot, to understand what is really valuable, and what is the most appreciated in the world.

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