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The Symbolism of Fish Art
Marine subject is an enduring source of inspiration for artists of all time. Perhaps that is the reason for the great interest towards fish drawings. The sea is a concept containing lots of individual components. The sea and generally the water domain prove mysterious and unknown. The sea is never the same. It can be gentle or severe, fertile or ruinous, amiable or inaccessible. When it feels like you’ve grasped its underlying true essence, you end up realizing your being an abyss of ignorance. It is something that attracts and frightens you simultaneously. What can be more enjoyable? That’s one of the reasons why fish drawings keep on encouraging attention of both the painters and connoisseurs of art.
Drawings of fish are much more than just pieces of animalistic art, as they contain the clue to the essence of human infinite being. Goldfish drawing is highly symbolic. The symbol of a koi occurs in the majority of human cultures. Though having some variations, all over the world it represents nearly the same: happiness, longevity, prosperity and good fortune. Everyone would like to have it all, but few are the lucky beggars who have managed to catch the goldfish.

Drawings of fish

The painting differs from the traditional koi painting. In fact, you’ll not find a single fish here. What you can see is a fisherman longing to catch his trophy. It reminds of Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Old Man and the Sea. This koi fish painting can be perceived in quite ambivalent way. The turquoise colour in the lower part of the picture suggests hopefulness, while the dark-blue and black sky prepares you for the struggle. One has to endure to discover his way to the fortune. Koi fish art has never been so earnest and solemn. It makes you feel deep and think dig. This painting is a real breakthrough in koi fish art.

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