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Romantic art – history and some interesting facts
The basis of any artwork in literature, music, poetry and others are emotions and inner feelings of the creator. His/her productivity increases in depending of the state of the soul. It also concerns the quality of work and the thematic as well. The topic and the mood of romantic art painting, for example, can be created with the help of happiness, sadness, rejoicing, pleasure and also with the help of feelings of love. At the same time the last factor usually plays role of inspiration, which helps to create true masterpieces. Romantic art is a separate direction, which demonstrates the beauty and originality of human relations, which occur between man and woman.
During some centuries, when the art existed and even now romantic of relationships takes place in pictures. But the demonstration of feelings was not so realistic and naïve. In XIX-XX centuries there were so many romantic paintings which were created in a wonderful way, but the story couldn’t be called realistic one. Even later the main thing in such kind of romantic art was not the main heroes, but the atmosphere, decorations of the halls, flowers and other plants. They were the completed compositions with the demonstration of details and components of plans. It may seem to be that man and woman are put in the topic in artificial way. Laugh, smiles and glances can’t look like truthful ones in romantic art. The other category is the picture with classical passions, feelings and emotions. The main heroes started to live out the space, they live just in these moments and minutes. In the end of XX century, the attention was taken to the heroes, who were full of emotions. The other details were not so outlined; there were so much love, rejoicing, light and the absence of unimportant things, which could distract watchers.

More information about romantic art

There are pictures which are so romantic and light. Their topics are illustrated in the all details of interior and people’s. Every romantic art painting has its own romantic, its own feelings, its own style. Greek motives are so romantic with their places for meetings and secret warnings. There are no frank scenes, just the ground for sincere and honest feelings. The beginning of XX century was good for romantic art with its girls’ songs, bright palette, feelings, masks and confusion. It is the highest and adult feeling, which is oriented on the intelligent public which can outline the moments which took place in their lives as well. Of course, in romantic art the artist also knew a lot from his own experience and his own private life. That’s why the romantic art painting in this period is so realistic, brave, frank and passionate.
Nowadays there are so many artists, who paint in this style. It is considered to be that this genre is full of representatives and artworks. But modern artists are also inspired by the loving couples as it happened many years ago. That’s why modern pictures demonstrate honest feelings, a light attitude to the women and romantic intentions of men. Such paintings always bring only positive emotions, because the romantic feelings are well-known for everyone. Many people even like hanging them in the living-rooms, bedrooms and just at any place of the houses to make their relations more passionate.

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