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Moon painting takes you away into magnificent dreams. This picture has the deep meaning that immerse you into the essence of the moon. Bright moonlight breaks through the branches of the tall trees and gives the strong sense of freedom. But someone can imagine the sea, which seamlessly merges with the sky. The big lonely moon is reflected in the sea, rocking on the waves and taking far away from the problems and the human’s everyday life. And someone can see the part of the moon, which is hidden in the dark heavy clouds. Silence… This moon keeps all the secrets about the wealth of the ancestry and the bowels of our old earth.
The mysterious beauty of moon painting fascinate the judge of art with the unusual combination of colors and a combination of wonderful calmness and anxiety that dangling in the air.
Description of the picture
The artist has managed to achieve a wonderful color harmony in the painting. The color palette of the picture has definite feature as saturation with an enormous amount of nuances and transitions. Everyone can feel the tranquility of beauty and harmony of this picture. Moon painting suggests the idea of solitude and tranquility. Just take a look at this picture. Take a full breath and fill your chest with the air. Take yourself to the place where you can feel a freedom. Maybe it will be a forest or a seaside. Just relax and feel the mood of painting. Let it grab all your attention and go deeper to the heart.

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