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Feel the grace and strength looking at ballerina paintings!
What romantic and aristocratic is this kind of dances! Just look at the picture and you will see that every ballerina makes something what she needs to do. There is so much brittleness, spirituality, grace! There is no place for tiredness, fatality and lack of confidence. Probably, it is because of long and hard activities and repetitions. Ballerina paintings are one of the kindest, aerialist and most beautiful pictures among all the rest. May artists prefer to draw just ballerina who is in the process on the stage. How many strength and emotions she needs to demonstrate just with the help of moves of her body. There are also so many paintings which demonstrate the ballerinas while their trainings. Just look attentively in their faces. How concentrated are they! Maybe someone can prove that the whole spectacle is very important for accepting the idea of authors. But no one will reject that work of ballerinas is also too difficult and important as well. They don’t use words, they can’t improvise, they can’t forget the next moves and they need to let the emotions pass through them. Only in this way people will understand and figure out which emotions and feelings ballerinas want to show during the dance.

Ballerinas and art

There are too many pictures which describe working days and trainings of ballerinas. But every of them has its own topic and every picture is made to evoke emotions. People who look at such pictures can cry, rejoin, laugh, smile and think about the hard work of these girls. They may have their own problems in their private lives, but they need to go on the stage and demonstrate their professional skills and intensions in spite of anything. Such pictures always evoke the variety of emotions, but nevertheless, they always inspire and bring to watchers something positive and light. It is really fantastic kind of dance, and it is great that this topic is popular among artists and watchers as well.

Feel the lightness while ballerina drawing

Swan is a proud bird. Every artist, poet and songwriter has been attracted by its greatness. While looking at a swan when it is floating in a pond, the performance of “Swan Lake” is immediately coming into our mind. Everyone wonders how truly the ballerina transmits the grace and beauty of this bird. Call to memory the scene of wonderful ballet. When you hear the first note of Tchaikovsky’s ageless and romantic spectacle, you seem to plunge into a small mysterious world where bewitched swans rise from a nebulous lake and a lonely enamored prince is drawn in a fierce and hazardous beauty. Masterly dances exuberate, from the mesmerizing pulchritude of elegant swans’ corps, the colorful dances, and fabulous grace and athleticism. You live all this history of ballet performance with its dancers.

Description of the picture

Drawing of ballerina brings an undeniable pleasure due to the fact that artist draws every muscle of slender body. While looking at this painting, you can think deeper about strong will of dancer and wonder how she can move on tiptoes. Look closely at the ballerina’s outfit. The tight leotard, which repeats all the curves of the body with accuracy, the round tough skirt made of tulle that is known as classical tutu and luxurious pointe shoes made of silk. A special form of a fluffy skirt makes fragile dancer even more delicate and vulnerable in front of the public. While drawing the picture the artist uses white, pale pink and champagne colored tones, because this is a range of colors for genuine ballerinas with their constant aerial and light manner. The tenderness, femininity and aristocratic of the ballerina’s image emphasizes the tightly bunched hair, which looks like a crown on the head of the majestic swan. The dancer’s leap is like a bird’s wing-beat. It seems that she will take off and soar like a light cloud. This painting bewitches by its mysterious beauty.

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