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Fall paintings – feel this magic atmosphere!
Everybody knows that every season is special. But almost all artists have fall paintings in their collections. Why does it happen? It is seemed to be that there is no difference, but artists see something in this season what should be outlined and given to other people. In addition, such pictures always attract attention of the viewers. Every person in spite of his/her age wants to see something to be calm, dream and get the inspiration. What can be better for this than autumn paintings? Red and orange leaves, peaceful atmosphere, rains and light sun rays are the best elements which are always described by artists.
There are pictures, which can’t represent everything what the artist have mentioned. But it can’t be said about fall paintings. There is nothing specials, just nature, sky and our everyday life. But looking at any of the picture of such a genre, you will have a lot of feelings and emotions, which can appear only in such moments. Autumn paintings can be bright and grey, they represent a lot of moods and emotions as well, and every watcher feels it. Some colors give the warmness and brightness, and some of them make the picture colder. Such contrast is also a great way to underline the whole beauty and efficiency of the autumn. It doesn’t really matter where the action of the picture took place. Maybe artist described France or Italy; everyone will find something special, what is closer to this person.

Fall in paintings

Many artists from different countries and cities try to demonstrate the variety of fall tones to underline its colors, the mild sun shine or dreaminess of clouds. We look at such pictures and watch the play of light and the life of wind; we learn better to understand the cyclical nature of the events and short duration of our emotions. Autumn leaves, which lie on the ground, remember us that everything is not eternal; everything can’t be proof against years. Such pictures make us to think and revalue what is really important in life.

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