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Jun 28

Pencil sketches as an art

Pencil sketches – history, general information and popular images!

Pencil art is a technique of pencil drawings. It can be used a simple (it means a black pencil) to perform black-and-white work, and colored pencils for color pencil art. Depending on the softness (hardness) of a pencil, different drawings of perception are obtained. Pencil drawings are made by following certain rules and they must express the semantic relationship between the depicted object. Always people have tried to draw the figures by using various adaptations. The first pencil was used in the 14th century, when it had the appearance of a simple bar of lead with tin or zinc. The epoch of sketch art was started. Drawings which were painted by them were short-lived and easily erased using pumice or ordinary piece of bread. Besides the usual pencil pieces of clay, pointed sticks, various stones, charcoal and other material were used for sketch art.

Pencil art. First graphite pencil

After the discovery the properties of graphite other devices for drawings receded into the background. Bar of graphite by nature is and grade of material, so artists have to contrive every way: winding bar with different cloth or coat it with clay. Thanks to such manipulation drawing a picture by pencil became possible, as it is called today. Pencil sketches become the next breakthrough in the fine art.
Year of birth of pencil in this form, as we know it today, is considered to be 1790. French scientist Jacques Conte after many trials of various kinds to strengthen mineral substances, suggested to paste it into a wooden base. This idea was immediately taken up, and in the near future factory for the production of graphite pencils was created in Europe. With each passing day the picture which was made by pencil gets more and more popularity. Using a pencil allowed to perform cool drawings not only in black and white. Depending on the strength of clicking on the pencil, it was easy to obtain from light gray to jet black shades. Our artist also has a range of different jobs which are made by pencils and belong to this sketch art. He uses the same principle of creating the pencils, but follows the most popular ways of making and drawing new pictures in sketch art.

                                             Sketch art. Simple and stylish!

Techniques of fine art differ with a wide variety of tools, forms and ways. One of the most popular forms of art is pencil art. The pictures which are made by pencil are considered to be great implementation method, which has attracted many well-known artists. Pencil art is that things which is always stylish and impressive, despite on its minimalism. It will look great in your home, office, or other premises. The paintings which are made by pencil attract attention with the exact portrayal of details, precision and skill. Beautiful paintings, for example, sketches of roses astonishingly surprise with different forms. They may surprise thorough transfer of resemblance of the object, to transfer to paper the smallest details and dynamics of the world, or to delight with the game of shades. To show the color, having in color palette only shades of gray, to show where the light falls, to show a shadow, glare and play. Perhaps that’s why pencil art remains to be one of the most important and relevant even when it is said about creating a unique and individual interior. In our gallery you can choose and look at many cool pictures which will meet your requirements.

Sketch painting. The most popular topics

           Graphics by A.Kravits

Beautiful and cool pencil drawings are created by combining the imagination of the artist and the right selected material. A pencil, depending on the degree of hardness, gives a certain type of lines, which are especially noticeable during hatching. From a soft pencil line will turn out enough fat and dark, regardless of the intensity of the hatches and force push. Hard pencil will allow making thin light lines that will have a significant effect on the color scheme of the picture. In the process of shading between the lines subtle gleam may appear. However, on closer examination it becomes clear that such gaps somewhat impair the visual quality of a pencil drawing of sketch art.
Pencil drawings which are made by pencil are often very realistic and reliable. The soft bar of pencil, easily touching the paper, allows fixing the little things, the details, making pencil sketches. Especially this approach is important in the process of images of animals, sketches of roses and others. However, thanks to the pencil, the artist can quickly and easily fix on paper the different animal poses or flower positions, so that later on closer inspection, to connect the collected material in one common product. Needless to say, pencil paintings of animals are among the most beautiful ones. That is why even the small pencil sketch has an incredible aesthetic value and can exist as a separate painting.
Sketch art is so various. One more image which is so popular among artists who work by pencils is angels. Paintings of angels which are made by talented artist really surprise and seemed to be cool ones. They amaze the audience with their realism, but is can sound really. Angels who are painted with simple black pencil on paper seem for a moment descend from heaven to appear before the artist in all its glory and to allow him to fix what he saw on paper. Angels are represented in different ways. No one knows how actually an angel looks like, so the artist chooses any of the existing images, or comes up with his own. Drawings of angels in pencil art differ with their imagery, originality and fabulous. Such drawings can exist as a stand-alone product.

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