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Jun 21

Life as metamorphosis theatre in the images and symbols of painting

Creativity requires the courage
to let go of certainties © Erich Fromm

1a«The Birth of Venus» by Odilon Redon 

2a«The Kiss» by Gustav Klimt

          Sometimes we feel a complete harmony of oneness with the world. And there are other times when this harmony collapses. It is some kind of labyrinth of the unconscious. Creativity is a guide to this metaphysical life. Artist’s painting is an attempt to imagine his perception of the world. When you look at a piece of art, you are looking through the eyes of the artist. Of course, creativity is intimately connected to the psyche. From this standpoint art makes possible a leap to the kingdom of metaphysics. The viewer becomes a part of an artistic image and somehow identifies himself with it. The symbolism is an especially fascinating side of art.

Marc Chagall’s poetic art style made him one of the most famous modern artists. He experimented with different styles: Suprematism, Surrealism, Cubism, etc. These creative experiments culminated in the discovery of absolutely unique colors and shapes. Chagall’s artworks are characterized by special dream-like quality. The poet and critic G. Apollinaire said that Chagall’s works are «supernatural».

3a«Girl Before A Mirror» by Pablo Picasso

          «Time Is A River Without Banks» (1930-1939) is the culmination of Chagall’s art metaphors. There are interesting images of a big winged fish with a fiddle, a grandfather clock and lovers on the riverbank. It’s a kind of the river of life. And all this symbols command our attention to find out what it may mean.
Jewish identity was very important to Chagall. His paintings are an attempt to conform conservative Jewish traditions to new trends of art. He occasionally drew on Christian theme and used appropriate symbols, metaphors. He searched for beauty in the details…

Munch’s works are filled with vigor and pain in the swirling lines. «Color could express everything», – said Pierre Bonard. Munch’s сolors are deep and unusual. Forms are distorted to convey the artist’s thoughts and feelings. This gives a works a subjective reality.

4a«Time is a River Without Banks» by Marc Chagall

6a«The Scream» by Edvard Munch

7a«In The Theater» by Aron Kravets

          Thoughts and feelings are laid down by the author. And it is always more that can be put into words. This impulse is expressed by picturesque forms and rich palette. A red spot is the coloristic center of the composition. It enriches image and focuses attention on it. The composition of the picture is harmoniously geometrized.

The physical image hides the parallel nature on the edge of visual consciousness. This reality is full of different symbols. People need to feel heightened senses for its interpretation. Then these internal impulses will become free. So artist’s feelings and imagination are maximally emphasized. A sense of inner freedom is a need for every person. But physical material reality and society make it impossible.

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