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Sep 23

Landscape pictures – drawings of nature.

Landscape pictures – be in harmony with the nature!

To list the great artists and their works is a long and difficult process. All of them deserve to be called the best, unique and majestic. All pictures of nature allow people to feel the peace of mind and generosity, as well as to find a lot of

new energy and inspiration for their activities. Landscape pictures have always been popular among people who have no relation to art. After all, a picture in which the artist depicted the painting of nature is so good and fit great into any decor! In ancient times people hung carpets on the walls to enjoy the views of nature and knightly valor of soldiers. Those days are in the past, but we still want to see the beauty and not only within the walls of museums. Nature in the pictures is able to make the room interior brighter, to give a certain charm to the atmosphere. Every person is able to decorate the walls of his/her homes not just with wallpaper, but with hanging the pictures of nature and still life art. The weather does not spoil us with the abundance of bright colors. So at least it is pleasant to contemplate the natural landscapes of the summer, early spring or to make forest painting.
But autumn and winter as well has its own charm. Just imagine that you look at the falling leaves, bare slender birches, and gray mirror of the river in the paintings of artists … What solemnity and sadness carries this landscape painting, especially forest painting. Reproduction of such paintings will fit well in the any living room with a fireplace; paintings of nature will complete the creation of the cozy atmosphere of a country house.
You can try to draw your own unique and beautiful pictures of nature and still life art. Landscape painting is not required to belong to the author’s professional career. This requires only an easel, brushes and paints. Pictures with nature carry a charm, genuine beauty that cannot be created without investing the whole soul in such natural landscapes. Mountains pictures bring the peace, feeling of strength and power.

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In the modern world, even small towns often cannot be pleased and proud of the wildlife. Outside the city you will also be able to find enough colorful places that will allow you to enjoy pleasant moments. In order to evaluate the really gorgeous colors of the world, it is necessary to turn to the works of the great masters. Only in them people can see the untouched nature in its original form. Looking at the pictures of nice landscapes, for example, on mountain pictures, you will see the excellent trees, lush grass and emerald streams. Thanks to the pictures of this kind people can observe the life of the other people who live in the majestic surroundings of trees and rivers, the view of which is breathtaking and amazing.
The best views of the past centuries can be found in the paintings of still life art of many artists. They depicted the magnificence of nature. The hands of any artist excellently transferred colorful beaches, rivers, fields and forests, which it is quite difficult to find in our world. In addition, in such pictures people can watch the ordinary life of ordinary people, their activities and moments of relaxation among the magnificent natural colors. Looking at pictures of famous artists is really amazing. How wonderful and peaceful is forest painting! In them people can immediately see the maestro’s love to the world, his respect for each stroke and diligence in the desire to convey the splendor of his vast country to the next generation.

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          “Rain before Christmas”                              by L.Afremov

Even if you are not a creative person, you will always need something that will give you a boost of energy for your life. And if you are close to the world of art or want to become closer, and then landscape pictures which are represented on the website will certainly give you plenty of ideas for creativity. How wonderful such pictures in still life art are! Looking at them, it’s hard to believe that such a great nature may exist in reality. But it is not just a picture; it’s a long story, and the soul of the artist, which everyone gave to his creation with every brush stroke.

Of course, such art has a lot of requirements and rules, but these pictures are really brilliant. Every one of landscape artists is a real professional who truly loves the nature and has a special attitude to each of the pictures. What a magnificent heritage has been left, which delights and makes happy those people who are even far from the still life art. Among the variety of pictures it is incredibly difficult to select something better, because each of them is perfect.

The world is full of incredible and beautiful places! And nothing can be more inspiring for us as then the contemplation of natural scenery. Even if you hang the scenery paintings just at home on the wall to, it will help you to have a good mood after the working day, to relax and gather strength again. Paintings, for example, mountains pictures fit perfectly into any interior, are liked by many people and give a positive charge and energy. So do not miss the opportunity to have scenery paintings in your house. Especially in this section we have collected the best tips about the categories of people and their connections with paintings.

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Forest drawings and paintings of fields will be preferred by those who appreciate the beauty of nature and can constantly admire it. If you feel that there is not enough fresh air in your city for you, be sure that you need to hang a landscape or forest drawings in your home. They will have a relaxing effect, and remind you about the green open spaces.
The image of the seasons and ocean landscapes will be preferred by those who do not like stability and constantly strive to make some changes in their lives. Not surprisingly that such a person may become bored so quickly with forest drawing in autumn, for example. So maybe you should stock up and get ocean landscapes in the four seasons and change them once a season?
Images of mountains, ravines, caves are preferred by the individuals, striving for high achievements or uncharted expanses. Uneven surface suggests that they have formed an idea in the subconscious. And this person needs to overcome the obstacles to achieve his/her aims and become successful. Such a picture, for example, ocean landscape can tell about solid temper of the owner or even about his callousness.

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So as you see, there are so many variants, which will meet all the requirements and look really great in every home, room and even office. Such pictures make people calm, make people to think and make their minds in order. There is nothing better than to sit in cozy room and look at landscape picture taking into account every detail and every moment. Be sure, that you will feel and understand what the artist wanted to give and to say through this wonderful and awesome artwork!

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