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Large canvas pictures – which ones are good in interior? Tips for beginners

You decided to decorate your living room with large paintings, but you don't know how to do it better. The choice of paintings for interior the living room need you to be very careful to buy the perfect piece of large canvas art. Each room in your home belongs entirely to you and only you can start to decorate the walls as you want. However, in the living room, where you meet your guests, friends or relatives only those pictures should be used that will attract attention and cause a smile on the faces of your guests. After all, the pictures for the interior of your living room you will choose are more for the guests than for yourself, because it is still more than a guest room than a personal living space.

The living room is a place in your house where you organize different parties or celebrate important events. This room should create specific atmosphere for a pleasant conversation and a cheerful mood. Paintings for interior of the living room as the main element of the interior design of the room should be welcoming and attractive. For interior room, it is recommended to choose a few works of large canvas art that are beautiful, unique and impressive. It happens in the next way that when the topic of communication is exhausted, works of art can be the ideal topic to maintain the conversation. Each picture has an emotional charge something like aura which is left by the artist.
Paintings for living room for cozy atmosphere 

Some carefully chosen paintings, located along the line of sight can enhance the emotional mood of the guests, and leave a good impression about the visiting of your home. Sometimes we can think that all our life is like a big blank canvas, and many of them want to put more paints on it. Picking up the picture, you need to pay attention to how it  will fit into the interior. For bedroom the best pattern is one which is in shades of green tones with a picture of nature, forest, pine forest, green meadows. After all, it is known that green color is nice to soothe. If you love animals, you should know that for the harmony of family relations, you should choose pictures for home with the image of the pairs of objects, for example, a pair of swans or a pair of pigeons.

People who are indecisive, not confident paintings of red poppies, red tulips will be the best variants. It is just needed to picture not to be irritable, and bring only positive emotions. Generally, paintings on which the forest, park, garden, sea coast or other landscape are depicted , are the most appropriate for using in any room. Such paintings in the house are recommended to use, and to be pleased to the eyes. There are even pictures that bring happiness to the house. It's still lifes, paintings of flowers, fruits. They bring love, health, luck, wealth in the house. Especially popular paintings are the peach pictures as a symbol of youth and good health. For the interior in a modern style, well suited collages and stylish photos are used. Make them beautiful with the help of frame made by your hands. In recent years paintings which consist of three or more parts become so popular, the so-called modular patterns, in which the image is divided into fragments and even unremarkable flower looks fresh, new and modern. Modular paintings make the interior stylish and exclusive.

Pictures on large canvas for bedrooms
The paintings will be a complement for the interior, decorated in any style, make it cozier and original. No matter how much expensive or valuable your picture is, it might even be a family heirloom, it must be properly placed, so that the interior was aesthetically pleasing.

Paintings for interior of the bedroom should emphasize the uniqueness of the design of this living space. The bedroom can be decorated with big, colorful picture with the urban landscape.  Choosing the picture for the bedroom, remember about the importance of this process, it should be done cautiously and carefully. The canvas should not be dark because it will create a gloomy mood, and to get lost in the dim of evening light. But too bright and contrasting colors will cause irritation. The picture of large canvas art must not include battle and hunting scenes, wild animals and landscapes with the image of storms and other natural disasters. It is not recommend to place in the bedrooms the portraits of famous or vice versa unfamiliar people. They can create the effect of the presence of a stranger and cause for alarm. But paintings in the style of "Nude" are relevant, which on the contrary can make the atmosphere in the bedroom creating special intimate touch. It is best suitable for bedroom the paintings of sunny landscapes and floral still lives in soft, warm colors, gouache or watercolor soft strokes. It can be one picture medium size or few smaller ones.

How to paint on large canvas? 
Despite the fact that usually such pictures are rather large, they do not look bulky due to the presence of gaps between fragments and uneven borders.If you want to try yourself in painting on a large canvas, here are some tips.
1. At first you may be frightened by the idea to draw a picture on bought large canvas, because you have no experience. Reject fear because you still have somewhere to begin to acquire this experience!

2. For large picture, you need a model. This can be a person or a photo. You'll also need a pencil, large and small brushes, paints, kitchen towels and a lot of patience! 

3. If you don't have enough time to draw a portrait with live model sitting right in front of you (or this person is a superstar that has no time for you), you'll need a photo. However, you do not have to copy photo on the large canvas, so finished result depends only on you and on the ideas which you will use. 
4. Before the start, make a sketch of the portrait on a regular sheet of paper, to determine what colors you want to use and then start drawing a sketch on the large tinted canvas by the pencil. If you're feeling insecure – for a start, apply a grid for better orientation. If you have enough experience, you have no need to make this for a long period of time. 

5. Start painting with the darkest colors, and then start to use shadows.

6. Move away from the picture to inspect it every few minutes to compare the painting with a photoor a model. To create a painting on a large canvas you will need a lot of space in the room or studio. Look at the picture only with proximity, you won't notice many errors, you need space to step back and look at the big picture.

7. If you notice a significant difference – you can always improve the picture. You have to have patience, because sometimes a great portrait takes several weeks or months.

8. When you think that the picture is ready, don’t be afraid and listen to the criticism. You can turn negative criticism into positive energy and continue working on the painting for another few weeks, having achieved a great result.

9. Be yourself. Continue doing what you like. Stop comparing yourself with other artists. We all need to find our own style. Try to use in each picture a piece of your soul.

10. Be hard working, think positive and you will achieve success in large canvas art!