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Mar 12

Fantasy art – general information and tips for beginning artists

                           by A.Hortsevych

Fantasy art is attributed to a unique art direction that reflects the world, based on real ideas and imaginations about other worlds, beings and other worlds that are logically incompatible. Fantastic style is common in a variety of forms and directions of art. It should be said that a fantastic imagery which is present in film, theater, literature, is clearly conditional in art that in itself violates all the real parameters and the basic laws of the objects which it represents. Any artistic creativity in the composition of its components has to have at least the fantasy elements, because it helps to build and develop the art. Since the images in this area arise through inventing and synthetic compounds of elements, such amazing paintings often need to have more vitality and artistic truth. Fantasy is an area of fine arts, the main characters of which are fantastic images, mythological heroes, as well as the images which were created by the personal imagination of the artist. As fantasy art direction it was finally formed at the end of the twentieth century.

Fantasy style is art promotes all the major ideas that occupy the consciousness of representatives of art in contemporary society. In other words, fantasy is a little simplistic and totally overloaded with technical details. In the artwork of this type there are motifs which are all familiar from the early childhood, but they are completely cleared of frank primitive, childish naiveté and total absurd. In the amazing paintings of fantasy genre are organically combine the familiar myths of ancient civilizations with extraterrestrial civilizations and all the incredible advances that they carry. In this mix of legends, folklore, fantastic events and characters, finally formed a relatively new genre of art.


«The Hobbit» by J.R.R. Tolkien

                                                                       About pictures in fantasy art
Pictures of fantastic art in literature quite successfully coexists with fantasy drawings, and therefore the audience imposed a large number of artistic and literary compositions that find their application in the design of books, posters for movies, pictures, books and huge paintings. It often happens that authors in this genre are inspired by the book which is written in the style of fantasy. But it happens and vice versa. Some authors are quite close in style to the direction of the heroic fantasy plan, as it is evidenced by their fantasy drawings. Fantasy is sufficiently advanced concept and it requires a large amount of details. A distinctive feature of this style is a unique way of submission, which is complemented by unrealistic descriptions of nature, scary monsters. In other words it is made by the representatives of unidentified extraterrestrial civilizations. Simple weapons, war, magic, dragons, elves, horses, leprechauns are often used in this field to create the certain imagination. Fantasy in some cases may closely cooperate with other artistic trends. For example, it is quite close to fantastic realism, sometimes to the symbolism, surrealism, or even abstract. Such pictures help to develop minds, to think about unusual creatures and consider about the lives in other worlds.

                James Gleeson                             «Man in Mystic Landscape»

                    How to draw picture in this style? Fantasy drawings.
So if you are interested in making artwork of this style by your own, just follow our tips to get really awesome and fantastic drawing. Firstly person should step back from the reality. World of fantasy is fabulous and that cannot exist. Therefore, it will be better when you picture will be as less realistic as it can be. For inspiration, you can explore the paintings of other authors as well as any artwork of neo-surrealists. Although these artists can’t be unambiguously defined as depicting the fantasy genre, but their works are very impressive and give the correct charge of “fabulous” energy. Also person who wants to draw should select the protagonist. Each artwork in this genre is a certain story or picture of a living world which is filled with acts of peace. Your task is to act as a director and to appoint a chief role. As a rule, it’s a girl or a man with an unusual appearance or fantastic creature like a dragon. Depending on your storyline and abilities, make your choice. Do not stop only on the ears. It is necessary to make a point that when it comes to a fantasy heroine; many artists start to draw divas long elven ears. Do not do the same. Make your character to be unique and your artwork to be unusual and awesome. Perhaps this will be the runes on the skin or butterfly wings growing on his/her wrists. Whatever you will add to your character, it will look less formulaic.

                                                       More interesting tips of fantasy art

Do not limit your imagination while drawing a landscape. Here, everything is possible. Don’t forget about snails, from which tulips or trees grow and which roots adnate to the turtles. Or maybe a log on which the snake sleeps, imagine, maybe it can be a huge finger of any giant. Do not stop on the flora. Fauna fantasy world in artwork can be as much an immensely diverse. Fish with head with rabbit can jumps out of a pond or a gray, wolf sits on a stump in the grandmother’s clothes. Whatever you come up with as part of this picture and this artwork, it would be quite appropriate. The main thing is to be not afraid of your own dreams and implement them in full measure. Now it will be easier for everyone to draw own picture in this specific, but so interesting style. Use your imagination and remember our tips which are mentioned in this article.

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