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Feb 18

Experience a Metamorphosis with a Butterfly Painting

                                                                                             “Rainbow Butterfly” by Carissa Rose

They say, art is long and life is short. It is really so. Just ask a butterfly. But despite its short vital cycle, a butterfly manages to accomplish quite a lot: to inspire and frighten, to become a foreboding and a muse. Observing this tiny creature we unwillingly start thinking about the most significant issues in our lives, like the transience of the world, life, death and changes. Small wonder, that there exists a real epoch of butterfly paintings in the history of art.
Butterflies have captured attention of artists all over the world due to their ethereal beauty as well as the symbolism attributed to these insects. Their perception in different cultures is diverse and it undoubtedly has an impact on the way artists depict them. Sometimes such animals are viewed as symbols of elegance, soul or celebration and sometimes as symbols of death, vulnerability and transition.
Painters try to penetrate into an unknown world of the “self-propelled flowers” and understand their nature because they subconsciously feel we are all butterflies with the world being our chrysalis.

         “Butterfly Original” by Dean Crouser

Painting is probably the best way to render the essence of this creature, because in its short and silent life color is a dominant element.

                                       A butterfly painting that flies into the sky

The picture makes on the viewer an unusual impression. There’s nothing in the painting to concentrate the look on, your eyes just wander through the picture. And it is the moment of bliss, as you enjoy not the form, but the play of colors and shades. You perceive not only the image, but the movement of the picture. The described painting is not a picture of a butterfly, it’s a butterfly itself. It flies into the sky just from the wall and it makes you fly together with it. The picture gives the impression of featheriness and freedom.
Unlike other butterfly paintings, this one makes you experience a metamorphosis from a confined caterpillar to an unrestrained creature that has its whole little life ahead. It’s a moment of joy with a   pinch of sadness, which comes from understanding that nothing lasts forever.

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