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Paintings for sale – what are the best categories of paintings in exhibition?

the Mor gallery — 2002
the Mediterranean Sea gallery — 2003
the Mansohn House gallery 2004
Gallery “Capricci“ Barcelona, Spain 2006
the New Gallery of the Institute of arts Bat-Yam 2007
the New Gallery of the Institute of arts Bat-Yam 2008
the New Gallery of the Institute of arts Bat-Yam, «The big Summer kaleidoscope» 2008
International Art Gallery, Paris 2009
Museum of archeology in Jaffo 2009
Light House Gallery in Jaffo 2009
Armon Ha-Natziv, Jerusalem ‘’A new look at the new country’’ 2010
Solo art exhibition Gallery’’ Echcol Ha Pais ‘’,Ramat Gan, 2010
Museum of archeology in Jaffo 2011
Light House Gallery in Jaffo 2011
Artists colony ‘’Sea breeze’’ Tel Aviv 2011
Salon dautomne Israel Tel Aviv 2012
Imagination /bank hapoalim/ Tel Aviv 2013
Imagination /bank hapoalim/ Tel Aviv 2014
Light House Gallery in Jaffo 2014
Gallery Skitstsa Jerusalem
Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Israel 2014
ART WORKS Ausstellungsleitung Deutschland Munich 2014
Imagination /bank hapoalim/ Tel Aviv 2015

Imagination /bank hapoalim/ Tel Aviv 2016
The Artbox.projects / Miami 1.0 / 2016
The Skizza gallery Jerusalem 2016
Light House Gallery in Jaffo 2016
The Cinema gallery Tel Aviv 2016
Imagination /bank hapoalim/ Tel Aviv 2017
The Tiroche gallery Herzliya 2017
The Montefiore gallery Tel Aviv 2017
Solo art exhibition Gallery Jerusalem 2017
Art Symposium in Vilnius Lithuania 2017

Pictures are in private collections and galleries of Russia, Germany ,Israel ,Spain ,USA ,Canada

At all the times people have tried to make their home more comfortable and cozy with the help of various items of furniture and interior elements. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans adorned the walls of their homes with drawings or paintings. A little later a mandatory detail of the interior in every house was an icon. Since then, each of us is trying to decorate our homes as much as possible, getting unusual and original paintings. In the Internet shop everyone can find a wide range of paintings by a variety of topics and art for sale. Want to buy pictures for sale with the image of a car in the nursery, living room complement the original image of a city or decorate the bedroom with soft and soothing scenery? Variety of options for graphics today is so great that it will allow realizing any of your desires in life. In our catalog you will find all the necessary information to select canvas for sale - photos, description, size, and immediately be able to buy paintings according to suitable option, not even getting up from your cozy chair.

Landscapes – the main item in any exhibition 

Spanish writer Albert Sánchez Piñol wrote in one of his literary works: "The landscape that we see before us is, as a rule, a reflection of the world, hiding in our souls." In other words, to buy a landscape, you need to trust both its taste preferences and mood, and even the state of mind! Nature has always been one of the most popular destinations in the painting. Many well-known classics painted in this genre, creating a well-known oil paintings for sale throughout the world masterpieces.

Modern artists working in the genre of landscape, pass on their canvases the greatness and beauty of the world forests, mountains, lakes and rivers, creating an image of native wildlife and preserving it for generations to come. On our website you will find the best landscapes of contemporary artists. Our artists paint landscapes in different techniques, styles and trends, which can be divided in the next:
- Motivated - urban landscape, rural landscape, seascape;
- By nature - historical, lyrical, fantastic, epic;
- In style - realistic, romantic, classic, contemporary;
- By seasons - summer, autumn, winter, spring;
- The technique - oil on canvas, acrylic; paper, watercolor, pastel, tempera, ink; and others.
Here you can buy paintings of a landscape of any price range from professional artists, for yourself or as a gift. The oil paintings for sale in the genre of landscape can be accomplished in one of two main areas:
- Full-scale photographic image of the form, that is precisely the nature of the terrain, which exists in reality;
- Landscape image - different types of paintings as a result of the artist's imagination games.

It is easy to buy pictures of this genre now, because there are many artists who work in this style and direction. But to find a really high quality work at a reasonable price is not so simple. Such work is always necessary to watch live in the cabin, where qualified specialists will be able to confirm authorship and quality of the paintings, giving corresponding certificates for modern art for sale. Trust your inner feelings and you will be sure will to pick for yourself the perfect landscape and get the pictures for sale.

Still life paintings – one more popular exhibit 

Still life is one of the most popular genres of painting. The main objects of still life are everyday objects and interiors, ordinary things, food and drinks. The pictures of still life genre are common to see flowers, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, wine and other beverages dispensed by the glass or bottle, pots, pans, plates, forks, spoons and knives, candlesticks and more. Things depicted in still lives, are out of time, stationary and equilibrium. They are represented by the artist close-up, detail and the details can be considered close. Objects of still-life painter arranged not randomly, but deliberately, carrying a certain idea of the author, his message to the viewer. Despite the fact that the word "still life" is used and taken from French it means "dead nature", sometimes in the canvas paintings for sale of this genre can be seen and "wildlife", for example, fresh flowers in pots, insects (bees on honey, butterfly on flowers) and even pets (cats, dogs, etc.), although such work can already be attributed to a mixed genre (animal and still life).

To buy still life, you do not need to find oil paintings for sale in the city for a long time. You can simply choose the work with our website and buy it. We sell paintings of professional artists, ensuring quality and authenticity of the author's works. Call us and come to us in the gallery, you can also watch the works of artist in many exhibitions. 
Portrait – one more category on the exhibition

Portrait is a very common genre of art. A key object is the portrait of a person or group of persons. Originally, the portrait always is painted from life, and is the only way of capturing images of people for generations. With the advent of photography this process has been changed. Contemporary artists prefer to paint portraits from a photograph, as in this case, there is no need for long-term posturing. Moreover, a professional photo shoot can better convey the image of a man: good canvas paintings for sale with a still image allow the artist painstakingly work out all the elements. Obscene portraits are painted mainly in fast techniques such as dry brush, pencil, pastel. But there are professional artists, and artists who paint just portraits from the classical canons from nature. In detail there are the portraits of: head, bust, waist, generation (sitting), full height (standing). Portraits are: classic, in which the emphasis is only on the person; plot, in which the artist depicts a man in a plot (historical, home); fantasy, in which the image becomes almost unrecognizable (the artist depicts his vision of man and paints a picture in his author's style).
Although the classic definition of the portrait, the key object is a person (who is, or has existed), but artists write abstract portraits of people and unknown beings as well as animals and portraits.

Pictures with flowers
Flowers have always inspired artists to write light tableaux. But it was in the Renaissance, artists were more likely to represent the colors in their paintings, conveying the beauty of nature with its invisible aromas. Flowers are an integral part of everyday life, often used in the design of interiors, gardens and parks. This has contributed to the emergence of a new artistic direction of still life - flowers in vases, as well as the creation of floristry styles in painting. Image of fresh flowers on the still life is characterized by the fact that in the pictures depicted a live or frozen to stop nature, and not dead, as in the classic still life. Original paintings for sale with flowers with oil or on canvas - it is always a good gift, a wonderful interior decoration and appearance, emotions and freshness of fresh flowers! We have a large selection of paintings of flowers: roses, gladioli, tulips, daisies, forget-me, sunflowers and many others. And taking part in the world exhibitions, our artist also presented many pictures with the flowers.