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Mar 14

Elie Lavie about Aron Kravits

                          City noise

City noiseThe former works of Aron Kravits are entrenched in a cognitive dimension, wherein esoteric works are an expression of the spiritual feelings within his very existence. The paintings do not reveal the slightest clue as to the story behind their creation based on associations from the past and a feeling of detachment from reality.In his new works we perceive an interesting change, where he is undergoing a change from the figurative towards the abstract as a means to depart from the solitude of a world of spiritual symbolism of a hesitant soul, towards the reality of life in Israel, where he expresses scenes with the colours of the desert, down to earth and exciting.
The process will terminate when he will finally depart from the vestiges of the past and relinquish the addition of figurative elements to the abstract scene and free his billowing capability to express his total conciliation with reality through his expertise in applying colours.                       




Elie Lavie
Director of Culture and Museums,
Ramat Gan Municipality

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