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Mar 18

An Elephant Drawing that Takes You Away on Safari

   “Curious Baby Elephant” by Zaira Dzhaubaeva

Have you ever seen an elephant? Your answer will probably be positive even if you’ve never been to Africa; at least you’ve seen some pics of this animal. The picture takes you far away to the place where you can no longer see skyscrapers with cold silvery fronts or crowded streets with never-ending lines of cars. This elephant artwork is a doorway to a completely different world; a place you’ve never been to before, and even haven’t seen in the pics, but once you get there, you can’t get rid of a feeling that you have come home.
The mysterious beauty of the nature captures your soul and evokes the deepest underlying instincts. Everyone knows that civilization is good, but the one who have ever experienced the primitive grandeur of the continent of Africa is tempted to never come back to a civilized world. And this elephant canvas just doesn’t let you back. You go far away together with the animals, to the place where the sun sets and night enfolds the day.

         By Karen Laurence-Rowe

The majesty of the sunset fills your mind with the most beautiful dreams. Any of pics can’t produce such an impression.

The description of an elephant artwork

Mild, but intense colors reflect the magical moments of approaching of the night. A viewer lacks words to describe the awesome palette in the background of a watercolor elephant. The colour scheme varies from strong red and orange to dreamy purple and indigo. The elephant drawing is much more true-to-life than the pics taken by a professional photographer in the heart of Africa. A vast contrast of hues and a special technique of brush strokes make this elephant canvas a real masterpiece of an abstractionist landscape.
We think we know much about the world around us. We surf the Internet, enjoy Youtube channels and gaudy pics on the tabloids, but seldom look out of the window. We forget the fact that the true life passes by somewhere outside our apartments. The painting described brings us homewards, to the cradle of modern civilization. So take your eyes off the loud primitive pics and immerse yourself into the world of art without restrictions. The pics of the African nature that people usually hang on the wall stand no comparison with this elephant canvas. But don’t take my word for it, experience it all firsthand.

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