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May 13

Eagle drawings

     “Eagle” by Scott-Edward

Eagle drawings – have the symbol of power and strength!


Do you want to have the powerful and unique picture in your house? Eagles are sly kings and the emblems of the characters which embody strength, power and might. Severe look of a predator, sharp claws and beak, huge wings and a strict suit of feathers, it is difficult to imagine more appropriate symbols of masculinity in the house. Eagle drawings will become the spiritual center of the classic cabinet, hunting lodge or grand hall in the gothic style. Freedom-loving disposition and keen mind of these majestic birds explain the irresistible appeal and fiery energy of eagle drawings. Under the imperious look of the predator it is easily to overcome the difficulties and obstacles, to step over the weaknesses and petty feelings, entering into the world of real men’s game and passion.
Do you know that in Slavic mythology eagles are especially appreciated bird? If a lion is the king of mammals, the eagle is the king of birds which is often mentioned in pretty paintings. It is not all the facts about such creatures! One of the eagle drawings is represented by the works of artist of the modern period.

The works are interesting, professional, well-suited for classical and contemporary interiors, for the hunter house or a country restaurant. For birds lovers picture with eagles and hawk drawing will be an appropriate gift for any occasion.

                 “Night Hawk” by Mary Hatch

Why do eagles or hawk drawings mean more?

As the eagle was believed to fly higher than any other bird, it was regarded as the most successful expression of the divine majesty. It is not only a satellite of the great gods, but it often is like their direct personification. In some cultures the eagle appears as the initiator of the tradition (the royal, priestly, shamanistic) and founder of the hierarchy. It is also seemed to be the legendary founder of the cities, the pioneer and visionary. Eagle drawings symbolize the power of the heavenly (solar) faith, creativity all-seeing, all the cognitive power of the fire, lightning, immortality; durability and rebirth, rejuvenation, light, the victory, the inevitable triumphant, might, mind! The eagle is associated with the elements of air and fire; it is the king in the air, like a lion which is the king of animals on earth. Bird of dedication, helper of the gods, it connects the earth and heaven spheres. That’s why it will be really great to have such picture in the home because you will always look at the powerful and magnificent creature!

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