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Jul 19

Dream catcher drawing is the best symbol of sweet dreams!

Dream catcher drawing is a real symbol and Indian talisman, which keeps sleeping people from malignant demons. Not kind and bad dreams are tangled in the web, but good and sweet dreams are getting closer and closer through this web. Such picture presents the item which is seems to be the web from threads and veins, which are tightened on the wooden circle. Also some plumes can be added to the threads to create the whole sense of picture. As a rule, such item of picture is hanged near the head of sleeping person. Dreamcatcher drawing has a sense of a filter, which gives the green light only for nice and pleasant dreams. It is believed that bad dreams break up with the first rays of the sun.

Description of the picture

The description of the picture which is called Dreamcatcher drawing is different, but there is the same thing which needs to be mentioned. Such picture was created by the impression, which was appeared after mythos of North American tribes. They thought that ideas and impressions about the dream catcher were based on the philosophy of bad and good side of every person’s life. It is considered to be that person watches only those dreams which can be appeared according to his/her religion, everyday problems and routine, attitude to stressful situations and others. Dreamcatcher drawing is really wonderful and awesome, because it brings positive emotions and makes the people to feel themselves calm and patient.

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