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Jan 27

Charcoal painting

                                               Charcoal painting – know about main techniques!
One of the most popular materials for the drawing is charcoal. It is used to create drawings, sketches and preparatory drawings. Often artists use such technique to create easel works of independent value. For example, it can be said about the series of panels “Hiroshima” of Japanese artist Toshiko Akamatsu and Iri Maruki, who were awarded with World Peace Council Prize. The main part of these panels is made with charcoal; few panels are made

       Maruki T. and I.            «The Atomic Bomb»

with coal, which is combined with gouache and ink. The popularity of this material is not accidental. Charcoal combines the advantages of several different materials. With the help of sharpened charcoal very thin “pencil” line can be done, and at the same time, charcoal which is put on edge giving a picturesque “smear”. The richness of tons of charcoal almost surpasses all other scenic materials in all gradations of tone scale. It can be from the air gray to the deepest black one. Every tone differs with beauty and velvety of the color. Charcoal is very easy to work with, because it “lies” on paper or canvas well without requiring great physical exertion of artist: the slightest pressure leaves a visible trace of the paper. This property allows the artist to work quickly even when he has to cover a large surface of the paper (it is not so easy to do with a pencil, for example). Charcoal art is represented with using a lot of techniques, but works of our artists are made according to the famous and modern tendencies. Charcoal advantage is the fact that it provides an opportunity to change the charcoal drawings, rebuild or remake them entirely. It is easily to whisk the charcoal from the paper or the ground almost without leaving a trace.

Some more facts about the charcoal as material
Great practical convenience for the artist is the fact that charcoal is suitable for almost any paper. So it is easy to make sketches and drawings. There are just few disadvantages in creating charcoal drawings. Among them the main one is the fact that charcoal can be easily smeared. To save the sketches, it is necessary to fix. The latest moment is a particularly serious impediment in the use charcoal in nature – charcoal drawings need to be fixed and immediately dried in place of their creation, otherwise it will be hardly possible to convey it to the home.
For young and insufficiently demanding to themselves artists beauty of the material, as well as the ease of use can be the real disadvantage. Charcoal painting often becomes very spectacular and beautiful combination of spots with the line or the “game” of light and shadow mask mistakes, blunders in the picture. Therefore, beginning artist can be easily mistaken, believing that finished and perfect pictures are those which have the obscured surface of the sheet. But the actual picture has been not yet started. To avoid this, artist should not be limited with charcoal painting, it is necessary to punctuate charcoal drawings with graphite pencil drawings. This material is more rigorous and less “misleading” than charcoal.
                              Charcoal – picturesque material

  «Water on face»              by Daisy So

Among the materials of drawing charcoal is the most picturesque one. It can convey the attitude of different colors, their transparency and density, aerial perspective, chiaroscuro. To begin charcoal painting, artists can from the placing large masses of tone on the sheet. Artists are allowed gradually clarifying and developing the form in detail so that the contour of line appeared only at the end of work. At the same time, using the fact that charcoal can be easily removed from the surface of the paper, the artist can begin work, causing large silhouettes without any pre-contouring. However, this method shouldn’t be taken into account and used often. It can be recommended to beginners that at the beginning the attention should be paid to the more rigid and structural arrangement design.
Preliminary drawings for painting in charcoal art also shouldn’t be made with a purely scenic way. It is better in this case to perform the drawing with hard pencil or charcoal, which is built not on the spot, but on stroke and loop. This is important because of having developed in the charcoal art series of purely pictorial problems, the artist devoted himself to repeat solutions which have been already found.
Charcoal sketches can be as well as the drawings made with lines of different thickness, and a broad stroke and spot and with the line connection. It is useful to carry out the quick sketches, based on the silhouette spot made charcoal shade, and only then to clarify the details of the line. These sketches are useful for training in artist professionalism the understanding of the silhouette in the picture and to carry out the motions. Pictures of our artist which are made of charcoal are very modern and interesting. Specific topics, different feelings and wonderful paintings are made with the help of modern techniques and very popular. On this page everyone can look at such items to figure out what it really looks like.

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