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Jul 28

Canvas pop

Canvas pop – general information and tips for decoration the interior

Style Pop art emerged in 50-70 years of XX century in the interior in England and then became widespread throughout the world. Brash, bright, shocking, expand the framework – it was created as a protest against prosperous conservatism and modernism which were popular in the interior at the time. Title of this popular art speaks about itself. There is another version of the title of this style, but nevertheless it is bright, unusual and amazing. The distinctive features of the style are an abundance of bright, even acid colors, the use of decoration and prints, collages, images of famous personalities on canvas, recognizable elements of advertising and other media products.
More often non-residential premises were decorated with pop art paintings. This is a favorite style of the world designers to create a modern style of living and interior bar, restaurant, fashion shop, night club, an art gallery or exhibition of contemporary art. Popular art is used for living premises, the best style is revealed in the presence of a sufficient amount of space. As for pop art an abundance of bright colors is characterized, in a small room or apartment inept use of these pictures may lead to a sense of chaos and clutter components.

For whom is suitable pop art?

The answer is obvious. Hippie drawings are good for everyone who likes such style and these artworks. But traditionally it is believed that it is the youth and teenage style. Popular art was created for people who live an active life; they are dynamic, energetic and emotional. They are able to live in a bright interior; they are not tired of the abundance of colors and details. This style is used for decoration of rooms of teenagers or studio apartments for young people.

The value of the paintings on canvas in the pop art is difficult to overestimate, because they became the conductor of pop art in interior design. Typically, the paintings in the style of pop art created by printing on canvas, printing or paint them with oil. A distinctive feature of pop-art paintings is bright neon colors. The painting can be made in the acidic range, or it may be a few bright brush strokes, but it will give you an understanding of what is the object of pop art is. Topics for paintings are different, from the simple like a favorite dog portrait, painted with color distortion, to stylized photos of politicians and famous stars. In general, the picture in the pop art on canvas is the easiest way to mark your interior exactly of this style. It should be hang on the walls in some bright light frames, and have the impression that your apartment looks like in New York in 50es.

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