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Apr 26

Bauhaus last

Tel-Aviv: Bauhaus in a reflection of an artist Aron Kravits.
Bauhaus architectural style was created in Germany in 1920-es by architect Walter Gropius. He proclaimed that beauty of construction is functionality, comfort, usefulness and no excesses. In 1922 Britain got the Palestine mandate and promised to create a hearth for Jewish people. So, after 1919 Jewish immigration from Europe had begun and among them were graduates of Bauhaus school, who, when need of new buildings appeared, began build the White City in Tel-Aviv, that lead to 4000 houses of Bauhaus stile. After few decades the artist Aron Kravits created a serial of paintings named «Tel-Aviv – soul and memory» into which he interpreted his view of not ordinary for Israel and unusual architecture of the White city.



Why Bauhaus?
In Aron artworks the artist doesn’t represent reality truthfully, but represents his feelings and impression of what he sees. That is why his paintings could be called impressionistic (because an artistic aim is impress) and abstraction (as an art method by which he makes it).
For Aron Kravits Bauhaus is not only architecture but the history of Tel-Aviv, of Europe and Jewish nation. This is material monument of the strange linkage between an ancient nation and its cities and Europe through those Jewish architects who migrated from German bringing this style with them.
«Streets of the White City contain the stories of the past. When you walk on them the occasional meetings happen – with houses. You walk on and suddenly you face the house and it is like a discovery, like you meet not ordinary and special person, who is definitely like nobody else», – this way Kravits describe his impression of Bauhaus in Tel-Aviv.

Bauhaus in Tel Aviv 6

Bauhaus in Tel Aviv 6

Technique and color
Houses cause excitement and this is what Kravits exact brings onto canvas. Colors of his works are saturated; sometimes punchy and shrill, sometimes are soft. «It is a huge pleasure and joy for me working with colors», – says Aron. And it is distinctly: colors pulsate, cause emotions. Moreover, color is contingent, for example, in the night the white house painted as terracotta. At the nights everything looks different. Color on the paintings is a reflection of artists own reality which certainly is fed by all those feelings that environment cause.
There is some artworks in the serial on which building imaged at the night. On such canvasses of the artist unexpected coloristic story happen sometimes – silhouettes of typical Bauhaus balconies, flight of stairs which is seen through window along house – everything is seems in other colors.
Painting technique of Kravits is deliberately aggressive (by artist’s characteristic he gives). This is inner aggression, which transforms into pictorial. Such vim alienates and attract at the same time.


Bauhaus in Tel Aviv 7

As in many paintings Kravits uses here fragments of the newspapers in Hebrew, which are seen from under massive paint smears. It is special symbol for the artist, because it is ancient language which brings the mystery, additional meaning – something erupts from behind of time. This metamorphosis, contrast and wonderment that here, on the ancient land, Bauhaus appeared – alien, austere – it surprises the painter. This contrast sometimes seems natural, sometime inappropriate. This what Aron Kravits interesting in and just «tries to express», as he says.

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