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Mar 08

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Art websites which offer a lot of luxurious variants!
What an amazing art we can look at, enjoy and even have in our houses, restaurants, shops and, of course, world museums and galleries! There are so many beautiful and unique paintings in the world that we can’t imagine about their existence. Nevertheless, there are also many websites which can give an opportunity to purchase really wonderful pictures and have them in your private collection. Our activity is also oriented on this field and we help to sell paintings online. If you want to buy any item from those ones which are represented on the catalog of any of resources, just contact the manager to discuss all the details.
Pictures are the most common decoration in the house. Landscapes and still life paintings, portraits and abstract subjects – all they create a special energy in the house. Some pictures make people to think about important things in live and relax, others help to invigorate make the mood better. Therefore, it is required to have special attitude and choose the artwork very carefully. Anyway if you want to buy any item from amazing art, it is better to look as more sources and variants as possible.

Paintings in the houses

Mona Lisa

          «Mona Lisa»                     by Leonardo da Vinci

Amazing art works in the house not only decorate the interior and help aesthetic senses to appear, they also have an impact on our lives. There are many healing paintings and paintings on which you will want to look endlessly. It is said that such items have a lot of positive energy. There are pictures which are admirable and respectful, despite the fact that they were made some years or even some centuries ago. Just remember the gossips and legends about famous “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. It is believed that this picture mysteriously effects on those people who stare at this masterpiece. Rangers of Louvre argue that people often fall into a faint while looking at this artwork. Yes, and the Leonardo da Vinci was also really obsessed with painting, and while working with it he had bad mood and even got long-term depressions.

Only artist needs to decide what the picture will outline and bring to people. It depends on what he wanted to give them, what emotions and feelings. The visual power of any item from amazing art effects on the way of our perception of the environment. Thus, the image of flying birds or tall pine trees elevates our body and creates a sense of spiritual freedom. The best pictures are considered to be those on which landscapes are painted. In China, the rich houses were always decorated with paintings of mountains with waterfalls and rivers. Such pictures tend to hang with the strategic objective of family support. Paintings on which fruits and flowers are painted can be used at home as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Peach is the most popular as a symbol of good health which leads to longevity. Peony is a symbol of marriage and love. That’s why if you want to make your family life more friendly and more interesting and successful, maybe it will be great to choose such artwork, which you can buy on any of websites.

More categories of pictures

Feng shui picture

           Feng shui picture

One more category of paintings which are represented on the websites attract good luck. These are almost religious paintings which have the deities and quotations from the Bible, Koran and other holy books and sacred objects which bring the blessing to the house. It does not matter what religion you profess, but if you bring into your home a religious picture and treat it with respect, it will create a favorable atmosphere. However, it should be remembered that the icons and paintings with biblical motifs are not desirable to place on the wall which is common with bathroom. Everyone also can visit some resources which sell art online to choose the best one for your home.



         «Selfportrait»                     by Aron Kravets

Portraits have special energy, because they have a part of energy of person or people who are represented on a certain artwork. It is not just words that many people prefer to hang the portraits above the fireplaces. It means that fireplace is symbol family warmth; flame is the symbol of energy, health and strength. We don’t recommend hanging portraits against the doors or toilets; it can bring illnesses failures in your family. However, not everywhere people like and hang portraits. Thus, in some religious teachings, since ancient times, and even to this day it is forbidden to paint portraits of people. It is believed that the relationship between man and his image is so strong that any damage of the painting brings irreparable harm to health and human life. There are many opinions about the significance of amazing art, but in any case, it has no sense to reject the version that pictures carry certain energy. In the list of our contacts you will find many of websites which sell art online and prove the fact of positive energy of any kind of it.

                                                                 Like a conclusion – why is the picture a good present?

Whichever opinion you have, buy pictures with positive energy and subjects and avoid paintings depicting scenes of war, violence, disaster, destruction, disease, horrific monsters, etc. Even if they are real masterpieces, it is better to avoid such items and pay attention to the other elements and offers of amazing art. And remember, the picture is not really need to be expensive and painted by a famous artist. Sometimes a simple reproduction of artwork or just drawing which is made by beginners can be an extremely powerful source of positive energy. The main thing is that the picture brings warmth and joy, and leads to positive thoughts or brings pleasant memories. The list of resources which sell art will help you to make a choice and buy really wonderful picture, which will like all the members of your family and all guests, who will see it.
Amazing art has been always an elite gift which outlines the exquisite taste of person who presents it and his respect to recipient. You can be sure that on these websites you will find best offers which you will buy and present with pleasure. Beautiful painting is the best gift for your friends, colleagues and partners, who will really appreciate such amazing art. It’s a real gift to the soul because every time when the person will look at the picture, he/she will remember you, your attention and your taste. The works of different artists which are represented on our websites will be accepted with honor and pleasure. Works in the category “amazing art” have been always valued as the great choice and awesome decorations of interior, sometimes they are also like a part of private collections. Or maybe your gift will be like an excellent start of the new collection of your recipient. Nevertheless, it is really good to have such service as we do, because on the websites which sell art, everyone can buy those items which meet all the requirements. In our galleries you will find pictures for gifts for any occasion. Traditionally, people buy for men exclusive still life paintings, landscapes and pictures of romantic surrealism.

free fall 130x100 cm.

                                                                                           «Free fall» 130×100 cm by Aron Kravets

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