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Art painting occupies an increasingly significant place in modern society. Perhaps this is due to a higher level of urbanization where people want  to have spiritual images with positive energy. The artwork creatively affects on mental and emotional state of the viewer. This is very relevant in our difficult times, it is important to maintain the vital flow of healthy attitude, because there is a departure from tradition and traditional moral norms.

The word “painting” comes from the notion of depicting something true to life. In paintings we see images of people and animals, urban and rural landscapes, historical events, mythological subjects, scenes of contemporary life. The artist may simply represent a non-objective composition, an allegory or fantasy. A variety of genres and styles of famous art are always in demand in the interior. For works of art will always be a place in the living room, dining room, office, nursery and hallway. Its meaningfulness and decorative art will not only decorate the living room, but also social or business life. Art painting will always be concise and prestigious gift for almost anyone on any occasion.

The artist sees and represents that a regular person cannot see, forces the viewer to stop that before it opened this beauty. In this way worldview thins – the person begins to see the beauty around him/her and create cultural space. The painting on canvas by itself is born in man as an act of co-creation. Drawing, artist puts part of himself into his creation. Not every wizard is easily parted with his creation, he is concerned about the fate of their off-springs. The artist constantly observes the nature, extracting from the collected new motives. Artistic attitude dictates the personal style of selection of images. An artist thinks about composition and color, further refining their decision making sketches, drawings and drafts. The image or idea embodied on the canvas, prevails. In watercolor, you can capture the moment or the state, which will never be repeated in life. 

Modern pictures and styles
When creating the masterpieces, modern artists use different art materials: canvas, cardboard, paints, lacquers and pick them in accordance with their individual methods and techniques of work with paints, to achieve the maximum pictorial effect, to obtain the best preservation of polychrome painting. Each painting on canvas brings its own mood, calms or excites, attracting the gaze and directing it to move along the canvas. Creating a portrait, painter, analyzing and generalizing, transforms nature, expressing his understanding of the model and the attitude towards it. Complex compositional story makes the viewer to think, and a simple enjoyment, captivating the beauty of art, to live transmission of color and light characteristics of nature, sonority of paints.

After purchasing the best paintings, you can surprise your family on a family holiday or the New year. Psychologists note that the depicted landscape is beneficial for children, especially if the composition is calm and made in soft colors. Art jobs with animals and birds, illustrations for fairy tales will always be interesting to children, which are represented in art gallery. We all know that childhood shapes us by the surrounding culture. In your power to educate the taste of the children by surrounding them with high quality paintings. Before you order or buy a painting on canvas for the interior in the nursery, we need to think about what you want to achieve: the smile of a child looking at a cheerful pet, thinking of a teenager, considering a multi-figure composition. Or maybe you are setting up your offspring for the given field, by placing a portrait of the musician, military, teacher, athlete etc. If the child is ike a teen and expresses his preferences in a full measure, you should give him a choice of several options.

Sometimes oil landscape fills our nostalgia for nature and warm summer, takes us into the beautiful reality. Some people prefer to decorate their walls with bright color spots of red poppies or white lilac, which immediately catch the eye of incoming person and create a sense of celebration. Others on the contrary think that an unassuming monochromatic art, built on close tones, is good and used preferably in the interior. Someone stops the choice in the design of their homes, placing favorite reproductions by famous artists. Good copies of famous painters can be valuable and will decorate any space. Modern copiers are usually highly valued. When guests come, the host gets a bit nervous showing new acquisitions that enriched his/her gallery of paintings to this day. Selling online such pictures are represented in this art gallery. 

When you have money and time to execute paintings of famous art to order exclusively for you. Family portraits with grandparents, children's portraits, paired portraits of spouses or a whole portrait gallery. Landscape with a view of your cottage or favorite places: a blooming apple orchard or lilac around the house. Still life of fruit, grown with your own hands: a plate with apples or strawberries, even with apricots or pears. Animal genre may demonstrate your pets. A lot of art lovers currently want to buy abstract art jobs from art gallery, as in this case, they have a unique image in which each viewer finds something from his/her sou, and which in most cases is impossible to play, making it very valuable.

Tips for using
Choosing artwork for public places viewer needs to think about the correspondence to the type of activity and the design of the room. For example, the walls of the modern office should be decorated with abstract compositions and best paintings, and a meeting room of a large corporation – by panoramic landscapes. When purchasing abstraction for office, the admissions office must think that it has had an ambiguous meaning and not hurt the feelings of the visitors. 

To pick up the painting on canvas for a specific design is not always easy if you do it by yourself or use the services of a specialist, the main thing that you liked. Even a perfectly suitable artwork for the decor of the landscape can create a dissonance with the mood of the owners. We must not only choose, but to find a decent location for it. If you need to find a place for the art jobs in an already existing space of an apartment or house, don't be in a hurry. It is desirable that the chromatic scheme, the size of the canvas, the texture of the surface and the nature of the design of the frame, the walls and surrounding objects will be taken into account. For example, hanging over a large sofa, a small picture will optically increase the sofa. And hanging over a small table big picture in a big frame, a table will appear even smaller and the landscape more monumental. It all depends on the desires and tastes of the owners. The frame is an important element, it gives completeness, it limits the illusory space of the real. Small size panels can have a wide massive frame and vice versa, large a modest frame. Some pieces are already sold with frames.

How to take care?
Important role in the perception of the work is light as the morning and evening sun rays will play on the painting's surface. It is not necessary to put the sketches in the darkness in badly places, they will not look good there. Conversely, light palette in a brightly lit room will fade. You should consider placing it under the glass.

It should be said about painting preservation. Paintings for sale of famous art, presented by the majority of painters are done in oil on canvas. Oil painting as a living organism requires close attention and careful treatment from the owner. More delicate watercolors should be put under the glass. Artwork cannot be hung under the direct sunlight, over a radiator, in wet areas, and drafts. During the heating season the indoor air needs to be humidified but not with hot steam. Surface dust can be removed with wide soft brushes. It is clear that the ideal conditions of temperature and humidity conditions are maintained only in museums, but still on the preservation of painting should not be forgotten. In case of damage, please contact a professional art conservator.