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Oct 18

Abstract art – just look and feel it!

What is abstract art? Abstract is a style or movement in art.

     “Rythme” by R.Delaunay

Abstract art or abstract genre involves a rejection of images of real things and forms. Abstractionism aims to cause certain emotions and associations. For these purposes, painting in abstract style, trying to express the harmony of colors, forms, lines, spots and so on. All shapes and color combinations that are in the perimeter of the image, have the idea, its expression and meaning. No matter how it seemed to the viewer looking at the contemporary painting where the lines and smudges, all in the abstract subject to certain rules of expression. Today, the abstraction is so wide and varied that it is divided into many types, styles and genres. Each artist or group of abstract artists try to create something different, something special, which would be the best way to reach the feelings and sensations of the person. To achieve this without the use of recognizable figures and objects is very difficult. For this reason, abstract painting that really evokes a special feeling and make you marvel at the beauty and expressiveness of abstract compositions deserve a lot of respect, and the artist considered to be a genius of abstract pictures.

                                            Who were at the beginning?

It is believed that abstract pictures were invented and developed by well-known abstract artists who are: Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, mark Rothko, Barnett Neumann, Adolph Gottlieb, and many others. Abstract drawing, which literally blew up the art world, became a symbol of the beginning of a new era. This era means a complete transition from limits to total freedom of expression. The artist is no longer bound, he can write not only just people, domestic and genre scenes, but even the thoughts, emotions, sensations, and the use of any form of expression. Famous abstract art, like contemporary painting of a personal experience, for a long time was in the underground. It, like many other genres of painting in history, ridiculed and even subjected to condemnation and censorship, as art has no meaning. Over time, however, the situation of abstraction has changed and now it exists along with all other forms of art. Abstract painting and artworks of black abstract overcome the age-old confrontation of subject and object. In abstract pictures, as in painting in general, the realistic style must be an object, which creates an abstraction. But the painting abolishes the distance between the object of contemplation and the contemplative.

                  “Suprematist” by K.Malevich

It is believed that in real life there is neither subject nor object, it’s all a figment of the human imagination. Undoubtedly, perception has a place to be. People can see beautiful landscapes, and delicious apple, or, hardened table, but the artist depicts not an object, and the process of perception of the subject. And since the perception of any person, or otherwise, is guided by the five external senses, and the abstract painting is perceived that these internal sensations are. It is noteworthy that the object is still present in famous abstract art, but only as reminders of its former existence. On the abstract drawing not the subject of apple plays the key role, and what processes it is decomposed, what is around it. Thus, creating an atmosphere of meditative mental analyses and is directly related to the process of perception, which has nothing to do with a random jumble of colored lines and shapes, but implies a strict dimension that is based on human internal sense. Curious is the fact that for a very long time expanding the object inside to sacrilege and audacity. If the person was engaged in contemporary painting, it is the only solution for him that the image of the object was from a distance. And only timid steps, through a gradual deviation from realistic abstract flower paintings, contemporary painting cruised towards true abstraction. After cubism, surrealism, expressionism, mysticism, fiction and other art, a new direction was born under the name of the subject abstraction. Despite the perception, abstraction was not a stylistic category. This peculiar form of visual black abstract splits into several currents. Lyrical abstraction, geometric abstraction, analytical abstraction, gestural abstraction and more specific course, for example, aranormal, suprematism and so on.

Connection with the other styles

           “Quiet Harmony”                                by W.Kandinsky

Styles of famous abstract art were produced from the same stylistic particles, as a figurative styles. This confirms the fact that monochrome contemporary painting is a canvas that is colored in a single tone, resides in the same intermediate with respect to the style, as fully naturalistic figurative image. Abstract oil painting is a special kind of fine art, whose function is compared with the functions of music in the audiospace.
Increasing the change in aesthetic attitudes in art begins in the revolutionary reforming science, culture and technology of the twentieth century. In the first half of the nineteenth century in art, new tendencies began to be noticeable. In the abstract painting you can see at the same time increasing the tendency to conventionality used by the abstract artists (F. Goya, Delacroix, Corot,) and perfection of naturalistic techniques (Chassery, J. L. David, J. Ingres). First ones were drawn to English painting – R. O. Bonington, and William Turner. His paintings — “the Sun rising in the fog…” (1806), “Musical evening” (1829-1839. and some other works convey the most daring generalizations that border on abstraction.
There are special rules for the installation and exhibition of abstract art for sale, including various factors of the environment and classical abstract drawing is demonstrated in the halls of the historic mansions with corresponding interiors, but contemporary art is usually placed in the white cubes of galleries, completely neutralizing background. In residential areas are the same rules, the abstract painting may be the highlight of your home, and can get lost among the items. Maybe you are just going to do the repair and want to build a future around the interior of this masterpiece of abstract art and black abstract, which is a long time “in the table”, and you can not decide to hang it on the wall. And it may be that you are just going to become the owner of an abstract painting, without changing the usual color of the walls. Whether an abstract painting is self-sufficient, or it needs help – you can feel it intuitively, but in order properly to fit the painting in the interior of the future, you need to know a few rules. We will share the recipe for success.

Tips for using them in interior

Tip 1: decide and determine the size of the abstract art images. In modern interiors there is an unspoken rule about this kind of abstract acrylic painting: the higher the “level of abstraction”, the larger must be the canvas. If the image is read some form of geometric or suggestive nature, such a picture, usually is small in size. If the form abstract artwork is not clearly characteristic or non-existent, the size of the canvas can even be compatible with the human growth. It does not matter whether it is canvas with clear texture coloring pigment or imitation painting, the overall picture of the interior does not. Think about what is designed your interior. Think whether you are ready to give the abstract oil painting a whole wall or decorate it bedside shelf. A frequently used technique when working with geometric shapes linked together. Here are possible options for the duplication of a work – then the occupied area of the wall under the picture is increased without violating the basic rules. Or works are matched in color, meaning, or origin.
Tip 2: set the proper contrast. In fact, the contrast between modern art and conservative interior design, there is no contradiction, because famous abstract art is always ahead of its time, and the appearance of a human dwelling cannot change for centuries and even millennia. Therefore, to style the contrast did not cause visual error, you need to pay attention to the content of the abstract pictures as strange as it may sound Our tip is to bet on such important factors as, for example, the emotion from looking at the abstract landscape paintings. The abstract acrylic painting can express a certain discipline and regularity, which fits its perfectly in a classic interior, where valuable these qualities are. And it may be characterized by tenderness and sensibility, the Rococo ones, or audacity and innovation are the distinctive features of modernism or abstract realism.

                                     By W.Kandinsky

Tip 3: pick up tone support. In this case, create one or more accents to let the abstract landscape paintings in the interior not overshadow. Tone or color support says that the environment of the abstract oil painting is also worthy of attention, and the interior should be perceived as one. Penetration of art into the interior through its individual parts should be carefully to this question and must be approached with great caution, unless you aim intentionally to create a kitsch design. We also recommend that the color in abstract painting plays a crucial role, and if it is very intense, or you think aggressive, it requires less support – just a small inclusions in the interior. If the colors are rather soft and “obedient”, it will be possible to increase the area of this color scheme. Every nuance is important in famous abstract art, because due to the volume of the color patches you can get as relaxed and calming interior making it brash and defiant.
Tip 4: create a semantic item. Add a little bit of humor in the arrangement of your home and the interior will be filled with new meanings and statements, and you will never be bored. Modern conceptual art is suitable for this like no other: whether it’s hipster irony or intellectual allusion. Such techniques say a lot about the owners of the apartment, and the synthesis of abstract images and design objects and decor that will make life a real installation. Choose the abstract oil painting carefully, if you are truly interested in, then think about the associations or tie it to the already prepared script.

Tip 5: complete the interior with the help of art. If you want a picture with abstract painting which had a imposing value for the entire interior, then it needs fully to identify and subjugate. In this case, all of the furnishings matched the message, which carries the work. Furniture, lighting, decorative elements, usually tied to the colors and mood of the canvas. It is important to know about the time, author and place of creating the artwork if you have the original one, or about the meaning of world culture, if you are dealing with any replica or copy of a world masterpiece or abstract canvas art.
Our tip lies is the following statement. Most importantly, safely rely on your own taste and intuition, listen to any fleeting and unformed thoughts – often they are the most loyal even using abstract portraits. The finished recipe when working with abstract and conceptual things nobody knows and sometimes it happens that the meaning simply lies on the surface.

Best abstract artists

              “Tranvsverse” by W.Kandinsky

Wasiliy Kandinsky. He was one of the pioneers of abstract art. His search he began in impressionism, and then came to the style of abstract art. In his works he exploited the relationship between color and form to create aesthetic experience, covering both the vision and the emotions of the audience. He believed that full abstraction gives space for deep, transcendental expressions, and the copying of reality only hinders this process.
The painting was deeply spiritual for Kandinsky. He sought to convey the depth of human emotion through a universal visual language of abstract shapes and colors, which would surpass the physical and cultural boundaries. He saw abstract art as the ideal visual mode to express the “inner necessity” of the artist to convey human ideas and emotions. He considered himself a prophet, whose mission is to share these ideals with the world, for the benefit of society.

              “Portuguese woman” by R.Delaunay

Kazimir Malevich. The ideas of Malevich and the form and value in art lead to a concentration on the theory of abstract style. Malevich worked with different styles of painting, but was focused on the study of the pure geometric forms (squares, triangles, circles) and their relationship to each other in the visual space. Through his contacts in the West, Malevich was able to transmit his ideas about painting with artists in Europe and the United States, and thus deeply affected the evolution of contemporary art.

Robert Delaunay. He was one of the earliest artists of the abstractionism style. His works influenced on the development of this direction, based on the composite voltage, which was due to contrasting colors. He quickly came under neo-impressionistic color effect and followed with the color system works in the style of abstract art. The color and light he considered the main instruments with which to influence the objectivity of the world.

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