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Jul 14

Drawings of flowers – the meaning and tips for using them in interior



          “Poppies”by Kreneva С.

                                                     The symbolic value of the color patterns

In this article we want to talk about the symbolic significance of drawings of flowers. In life we are surrounded by flowers like irises and others almost always and everywhere. Even if you are not fond of floriculture and watercolor art, and there are no fresh flowers in your apartment. It can be a calendar on the wall with photos of high quality in which fresh and beautiful drawings of flowers are used. It can be for example, drawings of roses, pictures of sunflowers, tapestry, embroidery or any other artwork of watercolor art, but you never know that. But every item and every painting have its own energy which is too good and influences on people’ activity well. For example, if you are single and want to meet a passionate love, then the best and the most famous symbol in this case is peony. This flower will attract the love and happiness into our private life. But it is desirable that two flowers should be painted on the picture, although it is not necessarily and one peony on the picture is also great. Our tip is to hang the painting on the southwest sector of your bedroom.

Moreover, according to famous statements and rules, location of paintings of flowers is also so important. For example, choosing drawings of flowers, the tulip is the symbol of good luck. Therefore, if you want the fortune to smile at you as soon as possible, it is desirable to hang a picture of tulips in the relevant sector, for wealth it is necessary to do in the south-east. If you dream about fame and recognition, then painting with tulips or water lilies painting should be placed in the south of the room in which you live. Certainly colors of dandelion drawing should be also in attention, as well as elements of sectors. For example in the fire sector (south), you can hang a picture with red tulips, and background of saturated red shades, but in the north, where the water element resides, it is good to use preferably black, blue, gray tones. Therefore, fiery red color there will be misplaced according to some rules, but not in terms of interior design.

This famous topic is so interesting and can be discussed more and more. Every flower has its own meaning and some people prefer only certain kinds and types of them. That’s why sometimes people get and use such pictures like watercolor landscape in their own aims, but sometimes just to make the interior more beautiful and brighter even with the help of sunflower drawing.

                    “Cornflowers” by Loseva M.

                                                                   Why do people use them?

Modern and especially famous people due to the fact that they often get tired at work, try to make their working places as comfortable as home ones and use many pictures as well as watermelon drawing. Now this is a modern tendency which is getting to be more and more popular. Painting takes a special place, experts are confident in the ability of pictures, for example, pictures of sunflowers, to bring to the home both success and adversity. The result depends on what is shown in the picture, in which colors and where watercolor landscape will be hung up by the owner. If we talk about each picture individually, it will be very, very long time, so long as you can get acquainted with the general advice. The painting radiates its own energy, for example watercolor rose, orchid drawing and others. The bedroom is the place where everyone relaxes after a busy day, so the painting in the bedroom should make person to have a rest, to be calm and to sleep well. It is better to choose bright and positive one. For example, “water” paintings and watercolor animals as well, will not only get the peace, but also attract money to the owner of the house. Colourful paintings of flowers with butterflies and watercolor bird paintings help to refresh the marital relationship, especially if they are depicted with peonies. These flowers, like butterflies images, are a symbol of love and joy that necessarily present in your relationship. For lovers there is one condition which means that you should not hang in the bedroom a picture of a single flower, animal or other subject, whatever it will be. Flowers can be different and even your favorite irises, but the main thing that the picture evokes a feeling and emotion, a lot of positive emotions. That’s why it will be great when the owner will like, for example, dandelion painting or orchid drawing at the first glance.

                                                     What is allowed?

It is not allowed in the drawings of flowers to demonstrate the presence of any kind of negative elements in the form of something lifeless or dying. Today, many people prefer to decorate their rooms with paintings, made of dried butterflies or watercolor flowers, which are arranged in a frame under the glass. It is absolutely impossible to do, because from the standpoint of famous standards it is very bad, especially when something like herbarium of dry irises is located in the bedroom.

                     Efremov L.

Such negative “charms” help to spread throughout the house the negative energy, but items of stone, wood and straw will suit perfectly. These materials naturally absorb solar energy, and then give the positive energy, spreading it all over the house. The result will also depend on the location of the image: so, for example, pictures of bouquets of flowers with a picture of plants, trees, watercolor birds and waterfall painting it is best to be hung on the east and south-east.

If you understand our tips, despite its apparent complexity, it is simple enough, and its rules are easy to follow. All recommendations are better to perform in line, because the famous experts know better, when, where and what you need to arrange. The only way is possible to bring the harmony into their lives; in addition, you can follow your intuition, which is also capable of supporting much. And it is completely wrong solution which means to choose a picture for the overall situation in the room or a specific color of the wallpaper.

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