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Life as metamorphosis theatre in the images and symbols of painting

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties © Erich Fromm «The Birth of Venus» by Odilon Redon  «The Kiss» by Gustav Klimt           Sometimes we feel a complete harmony of oneness with the world. And there are other times when this harmony collapses. It is some kind of labyrinth of the unconscious. Creativity is a guide to this metaphysical life. Artist’s painting is an attempt to imagine his perception of the world. When you look at a piece of art, you are looking through the eyes of the artist. Of course, creativity is intimately connected to the psyche. From this standpoint art makes possible a leap to the kingdom of metaphysics. The viewer becomes a part of an artistic image and somehow identifies himself with it. The symbolism is an especially fascinating side of art. Marc Chagall’s poetic art style made him one of the most famous modern artists. He experimented with different styles: Suprematism, Surrealism, Cubism, etc. These creative experiments culminated in the discovery of absolutely unique colors and shapes. Chagall’s artworks are characterized by special dream-like quality. The poet and critic G. Apollinaire said that Chagall’s works are «supernatural». «Girl Before A

Raven as the metaphysical symbol of art. The line between life and death.

The raven is one of the most enigmatic characters in art. On the one hand raven is a fierce and cunning bird, on the other hand it is wise and ingenious. Therefore, interpretation of raven’s symbolism is dual. This ambivalence adds it even more mysteriousness. There are a lot of sources «to cloud» the raven. Let us try to understand that this bird has more to offer than gloomy superstitions. As you know, ravens are scavengers. Most of all negative symbols come from a raven’s appearance at the mangled remains of fallen warriors. In addition, many people associate ravens with messengers of troubles and even death. Those facts evoke various nightmarish associations. Such superstitions really have some mythological causes. But they are quite exaggerated. In fact raven is a more complex character than just a «harbinger of death». Let’s talk about other higher attributes of raven as a counter to such superstitious negative interpretations. We’ll consider the origins of raven’s symbolism and connection between its visual image and metaphysical sense. Raven holds a special place in Norse, Celtic and Native American Indian mythology. In the main it signifies metamorphoses and transformation. In some tribes the raven was considered as a

Bauhaus last

Tel-Aviv: Bauhaus in a reflection of an artist Aron Kravits. Bauhaus architectural style was created in Germany in 1920-es by architect Walter Gropius. He proclaimed that beauty of construction is functionality, comfort, usefulness and no excesses. In 1922 Britain got the Palestine mandate and promised to create a hearth for Jewish people. So, after 1919 Jewish immigration from Europe had begun and among them were graduates of Bauhaus school, who, when need of new buildings appeared, began build the White City in Tel-Aviv, that lead to 4000 houses of Bauhaus stile. After few decades the artist Aron Kravits created a serial of paintings named «Tel-Aviv – soul and memory» into which he interpreted his view of not ordinary for Israel and unusual architecture of the White city. Bauhaus Why Bauhaus? In Aron artworks the artist doesn’t represent reality truthfully, but represents his feelings and impression of what he sees. That is why his paintings could be called impressionistic (because an artistic aim is impress) and abstraction (as an art method by which he makes it). For Aron Kravits Bauhaus is not only architecture but the history of Tel-Aviv, of Europe and Jewish nation. This is material monument of the strange

Elie Lavie about Aron Kravits

                          City noise The former works of Aron Kravits are entrenched in a cognitive dimension, wherein esoteric works are an expression of the spiritual feelings within his very existence. The paintings do not reveal the slightest clue as to the story behind their creation based on associations from the past and a feeling of detachment from reality.In his new works we perceive an interesting change, where he is undergoing a change from the figurative towards the abstract as a means to depart from the solitude of a world of spiritual symbolism of a hesitant soul, towards the reality of life in Israel, where he expresses scenes with the colours of the desert, down to earth and exciting. The process will terminate when he will finally depart from the vestiges of the past and relinquish the addition of figurative elements to the abstract scene and free his billowing capability to express his total conciliation with reality through his expertise in applying colours.                              Elie Lavie Director of Culture and Museums, Ramat Gan Municipality 1986-2004

Fantasy art – general information and tips for beginning artists

Fantasy art is attributed to a unique art direction that reflects the world, based on real ideas and imaginations about other worlds, beings and other worlds that are logically incompatible. Fantastic style is common in a variety of forms and directions of art. It should be said that a fantastic imagery which is present in film, theater, literature, is clearly conditional in art that in itself violates all the real parameters and the basic laws of the objects which it represents. Any artistic creativity in the composition of its components has to have at least the fantasy elements, because it helps to build and develop the art. Since the images in this area arise through inventing and synthetic compounds of elements, such amazing paintings often need to have more vitality and artistic truth. Fantasy is an area of fine arts, the main characters of which are fantastic images, mythological heroes, as well as the images which were created by the personal imagination of the artist. As fantasy art direction it was finally formed at the end of the twentieth century. Fantasy style is art promotes all the major ideas that occupy the consciousness of representatives of art in contemporary society.